Monday, June 11, 2012

Titanium Ranger Music Video

Little something I threw together.

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Carlos Díaz said...

Glad to see this video here!!

I consider Titanium Ranger as the most powerful ranger ever! Sadly, didnt get so many episodes due to the fact it was american version ranger (the japanese could be considered to be the Demon Hunter, same super sentai Go Go V).

I hope to see him in the Legend War, dont know what will happen!

Thanks for this video

Lavender Ranger said...

Thanks for the response. What is your e-mail? Yo quiero hablar con tigo un pocito mas. ;)

Renegade Tom said...

hey just thought i should let you know, Megaforce is Goseiger, I left a link on your facebook page

James Spiring said...

It was posted here earlier, but the blog post seems to have been deleted.

Carlos Díaz said...

Hola Lavender Ranger. My email is:!

Thanks for these amazing videos and news!