Sunday, September 23, 2012

Why Yellow in this and Pink in that? No Yellow Samurai Ranger Costume

Here I go again with the ongoing debate on female rangers in merchandise. It is confusing as to why some merchandise has Pink Ranger only and other has only Yellow Ranger and why not both.
A shocker this year was that we got the Pink Ranger Mega Mode mask (that I reviewed) and not Yellow. They rarely make any Pink Ranger masks. Bandai has never made one. The mask was made by Bandai. As for the Halloween costumes, every time there is a Pink Ranger, a kids costume is made. If there is a Pink Ranger, there is no Yellow. If there is no Pink, there's Yellow. Last Halloween, we didn't get Yellow and Green. This year we get Green but no Yellow.

The above left picture of the MegaBloks is another shocker. The Mega Bloks have 'Hero Packs' that have cockpits with figures. We don't have Pink Ranger Hero Pack nor Pink Ranger Turtle Zord. But now a shocker is that a repackaging of the Samurai Megazord has four cockpits with figures. They are a bonus. They have Red, Blue, Gold and Pink. Some fans made their own Pink cockpits and now to find out they made it. People, including me, were confused as to why Yellow got Megabloks stuff and not Pink.

Yellow gets more figures in MegaBloks than Pink and also her Ape Zord. In Megaforce, Yellow Ranger will also be getting her zord and figure. So why does Yellow get more Megabloks stuff but no costume or mask? And why does Pink get costume and mask and less Megabloks stuff, no hero pack nor own zord? Theory could be that kids would be most likely to buy Yellow Ranger Mega Bloks toys other than Pink. And they make Pink Ranger masks and costumes for little girls, little sisters, so I am sure parents will buy the costumes and masks for their girls to play with their brothers. But why no Yellow? ::Shrug:: It would be awesome to have a whole team in the kids costumes.

Yellow Cheetah Ranger Costume is on sale for $5 at my local Party City!

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