Friday, December 21, 2012

Lauren/Female Red Samurai Ranger in Media

UPDATED 7/26/13
I covered the female Red Ranger's Japanese Counterpart Hime Shinken Red and her merchandise before. ( Now I am covering where Lauren has appeared in Power Rangers media or merchandise. Since she comes in late in the game, it is hard to have her in any merchandise. Though Saban has been able to sneak her in. had video of Lauren leading the team.

For the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade 2012, Lauren appeared with the other 19 Red Rangers to complete the 20 Red Rangers!

 In February, Lauren joined the other Red Rangers on a bus in New York doing a tour around the city for a Twitter contest.

In the game Power Rangers Samurai: Super Samurai, it has been upgraded with Lauren and Shogun mode.

Lauren has her special spinning attack like in the show but sometimes there are glitches.

 When you win her over with Super Mode, only Jayden appears in the big picture sequence with the villain. Also, when she morphs we see Jayden's hand and his ranger form before the game starts. Even in super mode, sometimes it glitches and shows Jayden's regular Samurai mode instead of Super.

 Lauren in Shogun Mode above. She holds her Fire Smasher forward.

Jayden in Shogun Mode above. He holds his Fire Smasher on his back.

 Shogun close-up for both.
And the elusive '7th Mystery Ranger' which showed up in the UK and still hasn't appeared in the US stores. Some were hoping she would turn up in the Megabloks line but unfortunately the way they designed the female figures, they have no skirts so there is no way to show off the female Red Ranger and also their chests are all the same.

Also in the Super Samurai X-Box Game, Lauren is mentioned in the credits, she might be an unlockable character. No pictures have been seen yet of this.

Lauren has two cards in the Guardians of Justice series (2) of the Power Rangers ACG.

She has one card in Hope of the Universe (Series 3).

Volume 4 of Power Rangers Super Samurai was released June 11th. She is on the cover and back of the DVD and in the menu and DVD disc but Pink Ranger has been omitted.

She has replaced the White Ranger on the cover of Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly. 

Jason David Frank in front of the Saban Brands booth at the San Diego Comic Con 2013, pictures thanks to the Power Morphicon Facebook.

Apparently her Figuart was sold at the NYCC 2012.

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