Sunday, December 16, 2012

Yay! Series 3 of Power Rangers Samurai MegaBloks spotted!

I thought it was canceled but it seems we get a Christmas present in that the Series 3 of Power Rangers Super Samurai from Mega Bloks have been released! These have been spotted by Infinitevirtue of Rangerboard. I am surprised they used Gold Ranger for background and not Green, Green Ranger gets shafted again! Apparently these were found in Canada, hopefully they turn up on eBay or the USA in like Ross or something.

1. Training Blue
2. Metallic Blue Ranger Samurai Mode 
3. Super Mega Green
4. Mega Yellow
5. Translucent Gold Ranger Samurai Mode  
6. Regular Pink 
7. Translucent Mooger

8. Translucent Red Ranger Super Mega Mode (comes with helmet)
9. Battle Damage Regular Red (comes with Spin Sword and not the Fire Smasher, this is the only pic of Battled Damaged Red I could find).
10. Solid Super Mega Gold figure (Could this be the Secret Rare figure?)


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