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Power Rangers Legends App Game Review from a non-gamer

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Believe it or not, I am not a gamer. People don't get it. But yeah, the last game system I ever owned was the Super Nintendo. So yeah that's aging me. I don't play games on my phone. When I heard about this new game app, I wanted to play it but I don't own an iPod, iPad or whatever. My sister does own an iPad 2 (2010). This review is from the prospective of a non-gamer adult and a 3-year-old boy observing the game. In fact in 2013, I am taking this blog Henshin Grid to a new direction with more videos and reviews from my nephew.
The app is usually $1 but I somehow found it for free tonight. Pictures are from MorphinLegacy and Thanks to FuryDiamond from
And this is the review from my buddy MorphinLegacy:
Here is the review from FuryDiamond:

So I had my nephew Jaiden play the game with me. He loved it but he wanted the Red Ranger. I explained we could only play the Green Ranger first and slowly get more Rangers. When downloading the game, there is a screen capture of the Red Ranger, making him conclude we would be able to use him right now but that is not the case. More on that later. 
You are given a certain amount of points when you start. You can 'buy' stuff with these points. So far you only start as the Green MMPR Ranger and can unlock the Pink Ranger, no other Rangers. Soon there will be more Rangers with updates. If you don't have points, you can always pay actual money (usually $1) for these points.

There are certain levels, you choose an 'episode' but you got to pass one to unlock it. The blacked out ones are Xandred (PRS) and Trakeena (PRLG) but so far you can only unlock 5 episodes of Lord Zedd. Each 'episode' has 3 or so villains to fight. I only got to the 2nd level, I only fought Putties.
The Putties are the Z-Putties but they are given different names and have Samurai Swords (but not the Spin Swords---they are more a mix of the Spin Sword and Nanashi swords). They are given different colors and one has fire. I say it would had been better if they had actually Putties from MMPR like the regular first season ones, those dark putties, putties with rocks on their hands and Z-Putties. Also, there were a variety of Putties: Clown Putties, Pumpkin-headed Putties, Putty Mutants, and Football Puttis from season one.
Anyway, they give you a tutorial and you can swipe with your finger horizontally, vertically and diagonally to fight, you can block by pushing the arrows left or right or block with the shield button on the lower left on the screen. Also when it fills up and powers up, different attacks light up. When they fill up, you can use an attack or finisher. I wasn't so good and kept dying and needed to be revived and it needed points. Once I was out of points and needed to be revived, I needed to pay for that and I didn't want to do it yet.

So my complaints are of 'new' characters like the Dark Rangers (Dark Orchid Ranger, Dark Fire Ranger) and various Putties without using in-show characters which they are plenty of! Also, another complaint is having a picture of the Red Ranger for 'Equip' because my nephew kept demanding for the Red Ranger but there was no available. So maybe other parents might go through this, even with children of six years of age. As a non-gamer, the gameplay was not so challenging but the actual game and passing it was challenging.
The following I haven't gotten to yet:
 Dark Lotus Ranger basically has the MMPR Pink Ranger's helmet, black body and purple gloves, boots and belt and hostler.
 The music is an instrumental version of the PRS theme and some incidental PRS orchestral music.
There are some level up stuff I don't get. Also, I don't like how the Red Ranger's Power Sword is called something else and is blue. Other than that, great game and you guys should get it! There have been complaints of crashing on older iPods, iPhones and iPads but I had no crashes or problems on a iPad 2.

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