Thursday, January 17, 2013

Movie-Edition Ranger Keys Set to be released in August

UPDATED 1/21/13
The website of Bandai's Premium will be taking orders for "Gokaiger VS Go-Busters" movie (opening this week) exclusive Ranger Keys. This 'Phantom Set' includes four Buddyroid Keys (except J), five Phantom Keys, and eight unrevealed Keys. All together, the Set costs 15,750 yen and will begin shipping in August 2013.
 Five Phantom Ranger Keys (Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink)
Four Buddyroid Keys

 So the 8 Keys are Megazord (Giant Robo) Keys. Flash King (Flashman--1986), Daizyujin from Zyuranger (better known as THE MEGAZORD), Ryuuseioh from Dairanger (Red Dragonzord in Battle Mode), Gao King of Gaoranger (Wild Force Megazord), MagiKing of Magiranger (Titan Megazord), DaiBouken of Boukenger (DriveMax Megazord), and GekiOhja of Gekiranger (Jungle Pride Megazord).

I am guessing this is an universal key, to count for others. It is the Greater Power of the Go-Busters; It generates the Megazord Keys and is generated from the Greater Power of the Go-Busters, the Buddy Roids.
 17 Keys: 5 Phantom Rangers, 4 Buddyroids and 8 Giant Robos

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