Saturday, January 19, 2013

Power Rangers Megaforce Gosei Morpher Toy Review

UPDATED 1/20/13 8 PM EST
I went to Toys R Us today near International Mall, which was rebuilt to include Baby R Us within it as it used to have Pets Mart next to it. I got it for 40% off along with a Retrofire Samurai Megazord for my grand nephew Jaiden. The megazord keeps falling apart, the shoulder armor and waist parts. Anyways, I usually don't get US morphers but this one is great! Jaiden loves it! I tried using my old 2008 CCG cards (US equivalent to RangerStrike) and some work! It was Jaiden's idea to stick the old cards in there. Also, thanks to Furydiamond for most of the cards as he gave them to me at PMC.

Here are some that work:
SPD Red Swat card = RPM yellow, Jungle Fury Blue Power Up, Time Force Ranger (Quantum)
 SPD Battlized Red Ranger = Super Samurai Blue, Operation Overdrive Blue, Operation Overdrive Yellow, Jungle Fury Yellow Power Up,  Super Samurai Green, Operation Overdrive Black
Delta Runner 5 card = Operation Overdrive Yellow
Delta Runner 3 = Ninja Storm Green RPM Blue and Super Samurai Blue.
Camile and Wolf Ranger = Lost Galaxy Megazord
Power Up Yellow Cheetah Ranger = Lightspeed Rescue Red
Blue Wild Force = Operation Overdrive Pink
Delta Command Megazord = Operation Overdrive Silver, Megaforce Black Powerup
Flit = Operation Overdrive Megazord or Operation Overdrive Pink
Shiny Cheetah Ranger card = Zeo Pink, Samurai Pink, Jungle Fury Megazord, Zeo Blue, Jungle Fury Blue Power Up
  Rhino ranger = Wild Force
Delta command crawler = RPM Green and Victory Charge
Red Tiger Zord = RPM, Super Samurai Red
Mega Tigerzord = Mighty Morphin Black, Mighty Morphin Megazord
Blue Jaguar Zord = Samurai Blue, RPM Green, Jungle Fury
Tiger Ranger (16) = Operation Overdrive Yellow
Tyrannosaurus Dino Zord = Zeo Yellow, SPD Green Power Up, Mystic Force Pink Power Up
Red Dragon (Thunderzord) = Mystic Force Green, Samurai Red, Lost Galaxy Yellow, Jungle Fury Yellow Power Up, Jungle Fury Red Power Up, Ninja Storm
Power-Up Blue Ranger = Mystic Force Yellow Power Up, Turbo Pink

White Tigerzord Tiger Mode = Megaforce Megazord, Megaforce Black Power Up, Lost Galaxy Megazord
Jungle Pride Megazord = Megaforce Red

I tipped off FuryDiamond of Ranger Crew Blog and now he filmed his own tests. Funny enough, I had the cards didn't want to work when I recorded it. Some said something different like the Delta Command Crawler saying 'Victory Charge.' But out of friendly competition, here is mine:

Raz and FuryDiamond have found the following 163 sounds on the Gosei Morpher. Yes, I know there is a lot Rangers missing (Alien Rangers, Quantum Ranger, Violet Ranger, etc.)---please do NOT list them on the comments!!! The ones in bold I have heard my own morpher by myself with the CCG cards before the ACG cards have been released. Strikethrough means I haven't heard them up to this point.
132: Operation Overdrive Red Power Up
133: Operation Overdrive Blue Power Up
134: Operation Overdrive Black Power Up
135: Operation Overdrive Yellow Power Up
136: Operation Overdrive Pink Power Up
137: Operation Overdrive Ranger
138: Jungle Fury White
139: Operation Overdrive Megazord

140: Jungle Fury Red
141: Jungle Fury Blue
142: Jungle Fury Yellow

143: Jungle Fury Red Power Up
144: Jungle Fury Blue Power Up
145: Jungle Fury Yellow Power Up
146: Jungle Fury Ranger
147: Jungle Fury Megazord
148: RPM Red
149: RPM Blue
150: RPM Green
151: RPM Yellow
152: RPM Black
153: RPM Gold
154: RPM Silver

155: RPM Megazord
156: Samurai Red
157: Super Samurai Red
158: Samurai Blue
159: Super Samurai Blue
160: Samurai Green
161: Super Samurai Green
162: Samurai Yellow
163: Super Samurai Yellow

164: Samurai Pink
165: Super Samurai Pink

166: Samurai Gold
167: Samurai Megazord

168: Samurai
169: Zeo
171: Turbo
172: In Space
173: Lost Galaxy
174: Lightspeed Rescue
175: Time Force

176: Wild Force
177: Ninja Storm
178: Dino Thunder
179: SPD
180: Mystic Force

181: Operation Overdrive
182: Jungle Fury
183: R.P.M.


Unknown said...

There was a Power Rangers CCG in 2009? I must have missed that.

I've decided to start collecting Morphers, starting with the BBM. I hope the Goisei Morpher is in UK stores soon. I can't wait 'til June for this one!

Lavender Ranger said...

2008 card game: