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Power Rangers Megaforce - Prince Takes Knight - Episode Review

At the Juice Bar, Noah talks about Gosei Knight. Emma wonders why Gosei never mentioned him before. Jake says that Gosei was probably embarrassed about Robo Knight. Gia thinks he will make a great edition to the team and asks Troy. Troy finally confesses to them about the dreams but says there is a battle and that they are fuzzy. Jake asks if RK is fighting on their side. The long answer with an IF and the short answer with a "But." (Simpsons reference) Vrak wants to convert RK into an ally, Malkor is for it. Vrak changes to his other form and leaves the space ship. Vrak calls Psycho Tick from the water to capture RK.

Psycho Tick attacks a carnival, the Rangers are called and morph. They blast him but get blasted back at. Robo Knight arrives, he says he will handle it alone. He battles the tick but takes him down. RK avoids an attack and puts a family in danger, the Rangers save the family. The Rangers save more people that RK don't help and only focuses on his target. An energy tick teleports Robo Knight away. Vrak says RK is his and the baddies disappear. The Rangers worry.

At the command center, Troy wants to find Gosei Knight. Gosei tells Tensou to find his signature, they know he's still on Earth. Jake is mad at RK for not saving humans and saying to forget his. Troy says he is one of them, someone to protects the Earth. They run out. Robo Knight wakes up in a prison cell, that sucks his energy in a quarry. Vrak tells him that the Rangers won't come from him because he doesn't care for humans. Vrak sends the tick to distract the Rangers. The Rangers look all over the city, Troy is worried. Tick sucks energy out of phones, cars, computers, appliances, etc. This also effects Mr. Furley and Ernie.

Robo Knight continues surging out energy and it gets sucked out. Troy arrives and wants him out. He says "Never abandon friends" which RK repeats. Troy says he is never really alone. 4 Rangers confront the tick. Loogies fight the four unmorphed. Tick leaves, Gia follows but is confronted by more Loogies. Jack and Gia fight them together, Gia figures it has to be to distract.

 The duo 'double-team' the Loogies. Emma and Noah are also creative in having one bunch blast another bunch of Loogies. Red and Vrak fight and Tick arrives, he wants to fight Red. The four arrived morphed and the five fight the two monsters. Robo wonders why the others came to help. Jake says even though he might not like things he's done but Troy believes in him. Robo says saving him is illogical. Yellow tells him that they are a team.

Vrax blasts down Jake and Gia while Noah, Troy, and Emma are at the mercy of the monster. They all say hopeful things. The words resonate with RK and he stands up. He traces the power drain and re-routes it and breaks the cell. RK bum-rushes the two baddies and grabs his morpher, his power back to full capacity. The five reunite. Tick attacks but is blasted down. Vrak rolls but is attacked by RK. RK slashes Vrak down. RK summons his Vulcan Cannon and uses the Knight Dyanmic at the two. The Tick is defeated, Vrak rolls out of the explosion and makes it grow big. Troy is about to call their megazord but RK says he will take care of it and receives the Knight Brothers, the Sea Lion and Sky Lion Mechazords.

Emma says they can use both Megazords, RK says his are just fine. He morphs into Lion Mechazord and forms the Gosei Grand Megazord to fight Psycho Tick. Tick says he'll take him apart zord by zord (which Ivan Ooze said to the Rangers in the first movie). He tries to lift the Megazord but it fights him. Gosei Grand Megazord kicks butt and destroys the tick. Malkor is mad at Vrak. On a building roof, RK activates Sentry mode.

The five rangers go up to him, Troy tries a lead to work together. RK says working together is good for humans, inefficient for him, he must work alone, that he must defeat the bad guys. Jake says he quoted Gia, that RK likes her. Gia says he is kinda studly. Jake says he still doesn't understand how to work together. Noah thinks he's learning. They say they should celebrate at Ernie's. Gia says Jake is buying. Jake is shocked and complains.

It is interesting that Jake is opposed to Robo Knight and the slight flirtation between Gia and RK, even if not blatant. It puts a kink in Jake's plan. It is just gunny. I couldn't see the episode when it aired like I usually do but read the live tweeting from my friends on Twitter. They pretty much seemed to like it. I personally believe that the speech the Rangers did was cheesey and could have done a little better with Disney writers. Well, doesn't matter. It was a bit rushed and did reiterated stuff from last week (Gosei saying their mission to get RK on their side and Vrak continually trying to get RK to think the Rangers won't save him). The Robo Knight's voice actor sounds like a child saying his lines like "Team? Friends?" Like RK is a child who is learning this stuff new. Anyway, it was entertaining episode. The five Ranger actors did a pretty good job, especially Jake and Gia. The episode is called "Prince Takes Knight" but they didn't reference that Vrak is a Prince.

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