Monday, April 1, 2013

Contest: Design Your Own Power Ranger

1. It can be from any existing Power Ranger series or make your own. It must be one hero per image. If you have existing fan fiction with various Rangers, please separate them by images. Contestants to can submit up to 6 pictures.

2. It must be... a vertical artwork, of any medium: pencil, color pencil, marker, photoshop, etc.

3. On the
Henshin Grid Facebook Page, please post your submission.

4. Submissions start April 1st and submissions end April 17, voting begins at any time. Voters will 'like' the picture and comment on it. Whoever gets the most 'likes' and most comments wins!
Winners will be announced April 20th.

5. International fans, if you win, must supply $10 for shipping. Enter at your own risk. 

(Subject to change)
Design your own Power Ranger contest

First Prize Winners: 10 ACG #1 Rise of the Heroes cards including all seven MMPR Ranger cards and one foil card (Green), Red Megaforce, Black Megaforce and Beetlezord (Samurai).
Second Prize Winner: 10 ACG #1 Rise of Heroes cards including five Megaforce Ranger cards (two Red), Green Samurai, Black RPM, Yellow RPM, and Xandred foil card.

Third Prize Winner: 10 ACG  #1 Rise of the Heroes including Yellow, Green and Black RPM Ranger, Vrak, Sea Brothers, Black Megaforce, Red Megaforce, Super Red Samurai, High Octane Megazord and foil version of High Octane RPM Megazord.

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