Friday, April 5, 2013

The Issue of Megaforce Teens' Wardrobe

Before Megaforce started and Saban Brands sent us in Power Force the picture of the Megaforce teens below. I feared that they would wear the same clothes all the time and my fears were confirmed by the previews of the second episode. I am thinking that they are probably doing this because of the budget, to save money for Super Megaforce and I will do a new post on that next.

Above is the Power Rangers Megaforce teens (Jake, Gia, Troy, Emma, and Noah)

 Troy has changed his clothes only twice, we have seen this outfit in two different episodes, it is his workout outfit.

 We see Emma and Gia in new outfits in "United We Stand." Now they only have 20 episodes, makes me think it would be 20 different outfits. 5 Rangers times 20 is 100 different outfits. Samurai had different outfits but they did repeat them from time to time, they were in 40 episodes.

Many teams don't change clothes but because they had uniforms. But teams that didn't technically have uniforms and didn't change clothes were Lost Galaxy (even though 4 of them wore uniforms) and Lightspeed (even though they had jackets) and sometimes Time Force (they did have TF uniforms which they didn't use much since they were hiding) and Wild Force (they wore their vests over it). But Megaforce are teens and go to school and MMPR, Zeo, Turbo, In Space, Dino Thunder and Ninja Storm had different clothing.

Megaranger teens (Shun, Miku, Chisato, Kenta, and Koichiro)
 It had me thinking of Megaranger, which was the source footage of Power Rangers in Space, they wore the same wordrobe because they went to private school. I think this wardrobe issue would had been easier solved with Private School uniforms. If SB worried that kids wouldn't relate to Private school kids, many public schools use uniforms. Now some people said that the teens couldn't use their individual colors if they wore uniforms but that is not so. The Red and Blue wore their individual colots under their jackets and the girls wore scrunchies or bows of their colors.

Above are the Goseiger (Moune, Eri, Hyde, Alata and Agri) dressed as the Megaranger. Megaforce is based on Goseiger footage. 

 If the Megaforce Rangers wore private school uniforms, they could wear ranger colored shirts underneath or bows. The above image is clearly photshopped, I know the heights are off, especially the girls but that is the only pic I could find, actually I only found one with 4 teens, so I had to fix it up a bit.

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