Wednesday, April 3, 2013

List of Power Rangers toys my Grand Nephew asks me for that don't exist

I thought I would make a list of Power Rangers toys that my 3 year-old Grand Nephew Jaiden (not named after Jayden the Red Ranger) asks for that do not really exist.
"Big Yellow Ranger Pillow"
He calls stuffed toys 'pillows.' Back in the day, all the Rangers got stuff dolls but they weren't as big as the ones they have now that are 18 inches and talk. He has Red and Green and he wanted big Yellow Ranger. There is a tiny Yellow Ranger plush figure and a medium size one. But I don't see them making 18 inch ones, the are male figures--red, green and blue or black instead of green. Yellow was the first color he ever expressed like for.

"Mini Transparent Yellow Ranger Battle Ready figure"
Today he had his transparent mini Battle Ready Red Ranger and he said, "I want Yellow of this." He wanted a translucent mini Yellow Ranger but it doesn't seem to be made. Upcoming mini Battle Readies are transparent Black and Blue Rangers, also Robo Knight but it doesn't seem to be a Yellow Ranger. Above is a transparent Yellow Ranger from the Mighty Morphin 2010 toy line that was a set.

"Little Goldar"
He likes the Mini Battle Ready figures and he wants a Goldar one. So far the only villains are Lord Zedd and a planned Vrax.  

"Little Robo Knight"
Zerboz has Power Rangers Samurai currently, He has a lot of them. He wanted Robo Knight the other night but they haven't been announced to have Megaforce rangers yet.  
"Pink Ranger Monster Truck"
Jaiden is obsessed with Monster Trucks and he really wants a Power Ranger Monster Truck.  He put a Pink Samurai Ranger on his pink monster truck Madusa. Basically he wants Pink Ranger to have a cycle.
What is the point of this? I just want Bandai and Saban Brands to be aware of what kids want.


Jonathan said...

Hope your nephew isn't too disappointed. :(

Lavender Ranger said...

Nah, most of the time he gets distracted with something else. He does ask for existing stuff too. He did cry a lot in the store for robo knight zerboz.

Unknown said...

I sympathize. My little boy really loves Power Rangers. It’s one of our quality time when I pop in some of the older series of power rangers and some of the more recent ones. My problem is when he really likes those morph keys, and it’s getting harder to find some of the older models. Though it may be a collectible in the near future, that would only happen if it survives my boy’s clutches. :)

Tucker Inman

tim hart said...

I feel sorry for him because the older ones were much better and you can't find Toys for them anymore