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Super Sentai: This Storyline looks familar

I like to write and I storied Television Production and I listen to audio commentary to DVDs about writers and directors. I know there is a lot of turnover with writers and crew and sometimes storylines get repeated. The writing process is not easy. They are rushed to write scripts and there are tight schedules. Especially since Super Sentai runs pretty much all year, year after year. I decide to compile some storylines that were sort of similar.

Sixth Hero stuck inside a Villain
Gaoranger and Kyoryuger has this similar storyline. Shirogane/GaoSilver was a warrior who put on a cursed mask and became Loki. Loki was sealed away and later released. Eventually the spell broke off and Shirogane and Loki split. Utsusemimaru/KyoryuGold in Kyoryuger was sealed inside of Dogold, he is not exactly Dogold, like Loki and Shirogane. 

I'm a Ranger, I'm Bad
It all started with Burai, the Dragon Ranger who wanted vegenace against his brother Geki and teamed up with Bandora. This trend continued with Mikoto, AbareKiller who was with the Evorian up until the end of Abaranger. Shirogane wasn't technically a bad Ranger, neither was Naoto/TimeFire. Also there was the Gouraijers in Hurricanger, who were the Hurricanger's rivals and teamed up with the Jakanja. They all eventually turned to the good side.

Bad Guys turned Good
There is too long a list to cover but some notable changers are Rio & Mele in Gekiranger, Vencuria from Abaranger, Lije & Jannu from Abaranger, the Bowzock from Carranger, and the Gaiarc of Go-Onger. Some villains took a new and more powerful villain to change their ways so they had to team up with the good guys or the bad guys that were originally good and put under a spell.

I'm a Hero, but I don't want to be part of the team
That would be Naoto/Time Fire, Gosei Knight, BullBlack, Go-On Wings, and various others. Naoto wanted to do it on his own, he wasn't the Timeranger's enemy but he just wanted to do it on his own. Gosei Knight didn't want to be involved with the Goseiger. BullBlack didn't want the Gingaman to get in his way. DekaBreak was a little bit in that way, that he was cold. Also the Go-on Wings didn't want to do anything with the Go-Ongers.

A hero from another time
Zyuranger were from another time but so was Shirogane/Gao Silver, Hikaru/MagiShine, and Utsusemimaru/KyoryuGold and Ramirez/KyoryuCyan. I think there is a few others I forget.

Mysterious Ranger
There were a few Sixth heroes that the main team wondered who they were like Kibaranger of Dairanger and Shurikenger of Hurricanger.

Mysterious Villain Boss
There are plenty of villains who were mysterious and we didn't see their final form until the end or mid-way. This includes N. Ma from Magiranger, King Javious from Megaranger, and  Dezumozorlya from Abaranger. Then there are main bosses that don't show up until the end like Gokaiger's Ackdos Gil and Go-Onger's Yogoshimacritein. Mysterious good guy bosses include Mr Voice of Boukenger.

Robot Ally
There is Takku of Timeranger, Datas of Goseiger, Pebo of Bioman, Colon of Liveman, Arthur of Fiveman, and others.

I'm your Mentor but I'm a Ranger
Doggie/Dekamaster, Hikaru/MagiShine, and kind of Asuka/AbareBlack.

Lover is Villain
There is Maria of Jetman and Jannu of Abaranger and I think a few more too. This was made fun of in Akibaranger. Maria was Ryou's girlfriend and was turned into a villain. Asuka's wife Jannu was also turned evil.

Parent is revealed to be villain
In Dairanger, Ryuu's dad was revealed to be a villain. In Magiranger, Wolzard was revealed to be their father.

I'm sure there are more tropes but I can't think of them right now. Power Rangers is next.

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