Saturday, June 8, 2013

SPOILERS: Super Megaforce #12 - Wrap up with Megaforce Cast

 Clockwise from center: Ciara (Gia), Jason Smith, Azim (Jake), Azim's girlfriend Courtney, John Mark (Noah), Cameron Jebo (Zador), and Andrew (Troy).

Andrew Gray with stuntman crew
 Ciara and Christina (Emma) with stuntmen

 Noah, Ciara, Andrew, Christina and Azim with stunt crew

 Filming bus scene with crew

Chris Auer, voice of Robo Knight

 One minor spoiler-y pic next but nothing new

 Hector David Jr. posted this as a parody to the Rhianna song "Our Love." He is with JDF and Reggie Rolle (Damon/Lost Galaxy)

Stuntmen as Dogormin (the Red kind, third kind of grunts)

 Gokaiger suits (Super Megaforce)

 One stunt guy in grunt costume, three to upgraded grunts, one in Warz Gils (Vrak's brother) and one as Barizog (a Goldar-like general).


Unknown said...

Voice of RoboKnight? So he has a speaking role in SM?

Lavender Ranger said...

He is also the
second unit assistant director for the show and
was previously with Power Rangers in Space,
Lost Galaxy, Lightspeed Rescue, Time Force
and Wild Force.