Monday, June 3, 2013

Universe of Hope Power Rangers Action Card Game (Series Three)

UPDATED 7/26/13 9:30PM EST
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Like I did last time, I will be posting the pics of cards that the Power Rangers Action Card Game Facebook will post. Below is the related link of the last time I did this. So come back here or go to Facebook. It is 2 cards per day except for Super Rares and Ultra Rares. Friday is Super Rare day and Villains are on Sundays. It also seems that we are only getting one Lightspeed card (Red), one In Space (Silver), and one Lost Galaxy (Magna Defender) judging by the numbering. SPD seems to at least have 3. Also it is awesome we are getting more MMPR Ranger cards.
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For RangerCrew exclusives, check out:

Fury Diamond reports 7 SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) Card Exclusives by Bandai:

Evil Green Ranger, Black Ranger
Yellow Ranger,  Team Card
 Dino Megazord, Lord Zedd

Red Zeo Ranger, Pink Zeo Ranger
Yellow Zeo Ranger, Blue Zeo Ranger
 Green Zeo Ranger (Andy of Action Card Game Facebook added these three on 7/3/13 at my suggestion), Gold Zeo Ranger ( exclusive)
Zeo Power Rangers

Silver Space Ranger

Magna Defender

Red Lightspeed Ranger

Red Time Force Ranger, Pink Time Force Ranger
 Green Time Force Ranger, Yellow Time Force Ranger
Blue Time Force Ranger, Quantum Ranger
Quantasaurus Rex, Q-Rex Megazord 

Red Wild Force Ranger, Blue Wild Force
White Wild Force, Yellow Wild Force
Lunar Wolf Ranger, Black Wild Force

Red Wind Ranger, Blue Wind Ranger

Yellow Wind Ranger, Green Samurai Ranger (Super Mode)
Crimson Ranger,  Navy Thunder Ranger
 Storm Megazord, Storm Megazord (Lighting Mode)
Ninja Storm Rangers

Red Dino Ranger, Tyrannozord
Triassic Ranger, Battlizer mode
Blue Dino Ranger, Tricerazord
Yellow Dino Ranger, Pterazord
 Black Dino Ranger, Brachiozord
White Dino Ranger, Dino Stegazord
Trent has a dual ally/evil ability and Stegazord is an evil zord!
Zeltrax, Thundersaurus Megazord

Omega Ranger, Shadow Ranger

SPD Rangers

 Red Jungle Fury Ranger, Blue Jungle Fury Ranger
 Yellow Jungle Fury Ranger, Jungle Fury Rangers
Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger, Jungle Fury Rhino Ranger
Dai Shi, Camille
Jungle Pride Megazord

Gold RPM Ranger, Red RPM Ranger
RPM Power Rangers, Zenith Megazord

 Red Samurai Ranger (Lauren), Gold Samurai Ranger
 Light Megazord
Samurai Battlezord, Team Card
Pink Super Samurai Ranger, Red Super Samurai Ranger
Red Super Samurai Ranger, Red Samurai Ranger
Yellow Samurai Ranger, Yellow Super Samurai Ranger

Yellow Megaforce Ranger, Gosei Tiger Mechazord
"Red Megaforce Ranger" (Includes RPM Ranger Red), Red Megaforce Ranger
Red Megaforce Ranger (with VulEagle of Sun Vulcan -- exclusive)
Red Megaforce Ranger (With Red Samurai Ranger--Henshin Justice exclusive)
Black Megaforce Ranger (With MidoRanger of Goranger exclusive)
Blue Megaforce Ranger (with AoRanger of Goranger -- exclusive)
Yellow Megaforce Ranger (with Ki Ranger of Goranger-Henshin Justice exclusive) 
 Pink Megaforce Ranger (With MomoRanger of Goranger-- Henshin Justice exclusive)
 Sky Megazord,  Gosei Great Grand Megazord
 Gosei Jet Megazord, Gosei Jet
 Robo Knight, Robo Knight
 Robo Knight, Lion Mechazord
 Blue Ranger, Black Ranger
 Gosei Grand Megazord, Team Card
Red Ultra Megaforce Ranger, Red Ultra Megaforce Ranger
 Black Ultra Megaforce Ranger
 Pink Ultra Megaforce Ranger, Yellow Ultra Megaforce Ranger

For RangerCrew exclusives, check out:

Fury Diamond reports 7 SDCC (San Diego Comic Con) Card Exclusives by Bandai: 

For complete lists check:
John Green of's list:

Fury Diamond of's list:

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Unknown said...

I'm surprised how fast these are comming out. Any indication of how many there'll be?

Carlos Z said...

So far these cards look good... but seeing time force now along with MMPR, Galaxy and other ranger cards, I'm disappointed that they didn't use actual real life ranger pics used for the Space rangers cards :/ I'm hoping they use real life pics for Zeo

Lavender Ranger said...