Friday, January 31, 2014

Exclusive Red Ranger Morph Super Megaforce clip

They reshot Jake becoming Operation Overdrive instead of Megaforce, from ep2 of Gokaiger, maybe they aren't allowed to become Megaforce within the Super Mode.

The helmets of Megaforce from the intro has been changed to various different ones. Here I capped some. Here is Pink Operation Overdrive, Blue Ninja Storm, Red Time Force, Navy Ranger, Yellow Dino Thunder (which doesn't make sense, Noah becomes Blue Ninja Storm while Emma becomes Navy, not Noah).

Pink Samurai Ranger, Green SPD Ranger, Wild Force Red, Blue SPD, and Yellow SPD.

Noah as Blue Dino Thunder.

Troy as Red Ninja Storm

Emma as White Alien Ranger and Gia as Yellow Mystic Force

Jake as Green Mystic Force, Troy as Red Dino Thunder and Noah as Blue Mystic Force

Troy as Red SPD and Gia as Yellow Operation Overdrive

Emma as Pink SPD, Jake as Black Dino Thunder

Troy as Red Mystic Force, Noah as Blue Operation Overdrive and Gia as Yellow Jungle Fury

Emma as White Jungle Fury

Jake as Green Samurai, Troy as Red Jungle Fury and Noah as RPM Blue

Troy as Red RPM

Above is Gokaiger, and bottom is Super Megaforce, they replaced Megaforce with Operation Overdrive. It looks like they did make new suits for the girls. The Power Rangers crew use 2-play spandex, different material than the Toei crew. It looks duller than the shiny Sentai ones. 


Erik Johnson Illustrator said...

I guess it makes sense to replace the Megaforce Red with Overdrive in this particular shot.

CollectorX said...

turn that guy black and when and blue ?

2013venjix said...

Where's Mighty Moprhin?

2013venjix said...
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marty said...

You know seeing this clip,It makes me feel sad because it has poor dubbing and not erasing the japanese gaoh roar during their ranger morph and no "sound" from the legendary morpher i think the series will definitely be cancelled in 2016 unless its season finale changed all that.

Jonathan said...

Thank you Lavender. I knew half that shot was New Zealand when others posted the clip, but you're the first to help those who may not have realized why that half was reshot. And here I thought they only had to reshoot pre Zyu scenes. I forgot about the Goseiger scenes *embaressed* In my defense, I did notice something look different with the OO morph compared to the other 4.

Not a fan of all the praising during the change, but I still have faith SMF will be alright.

Unknown said...

Jake couldn't become Megaforce Red cause Troy's Megaforce Red. Not even Saban could mess that up.

XXIX said...

Doesn't PLEX make the costumes for both Super Sentai and Power Rangers? I'd assume they'd use the same fabrics for both... Couldn't the "dullness' be due to difference in lighting and natural sunlight?

Lavender Ranger said...

XXIX, Plex only designs the suits, not actually make them. That is up to the production companies Toei and Saban. Toei makes their own suits and Saban does the same