Friday, January 31, 2014

Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany 2014 - Super Megaforce toys

The following images are from an Exclusive video from
There are no official HD images yet, when they are, I'll try adding them.

The Nuremberg International Toy Fair is from January 29th to February 3, 2014. The New York Toy Fair is February 16 to 19, 2014. Hopefully some of these items and more will appear at the New York one. 

 Items we already know about present include:
Legendary Morpher (Deluxe and regular version)
Legendary Megazord
5 inch Hero Figures (including Vekar and X-Borg)
5 inch Legendary Figures (Samurai, Robo Knight, Dino Thunder, etc.)
Zord Vehicles (Spring Wave) and Cycles
Super Mega Sabers (Deluxe and other versions)
Super Mega Blaster
Deluxe Hand Gear (with Red Alien Ranger Key)
Double Action Ranger Figures
Megazord Exosuits
10 inch Red Ranger
Retrofire Legendary Megazord and Wild Force Megazord
Lion Wild Force Zord (Incorrectly put as Lion Mechazord)

New Items:
Yellow Super Megaforce Ranger Key
Pink Super Megaforce Ranger Key
Q-Rex Megazord (here called DX Dino Megazord)
12 inch Red Super Megaforce Ranger
12 inch Silver Super Megaforce Ranger
Gokai Galleon Buster (however it will be called, it is for sure the PR version as it has the small Ranger Keys in it)
And what seems to be the Legacy Mobirates (Gold Legendary Morpher)

 Razzle compares the Deluxe GouZyuJin with the DX Dino Megazord as the presenter there says it is a prototype from Japan. It is most likely the Power Rangers version.

 5 inch Legendary Figures

 Present on this stand above was MMPR Red, Super Megaforce [Red (3), Blue (1), Green (1), Yellow (2), Pink (2)], Megaforce (Black, Blue, Red), Samurai (Red, Blue, Green), Lost Galaxy (Red (2), Blue, Green), Lightspeed (Red (2), Blue, Green), Mystic Force (Red (2), Green), Wild Force (Red (2), Black, Blue), SPD (Red (2), Blue, Green), Red Time Force, Red Ninja Storm, and Red Zeo. I didn't spot Yellow Mystic Force or any other MMPR, Time Force, Zeo or Ninja Storm. Maybe they were lodged in other items.

The bazooka on the lower left corner has two blue, two red and one green key in it.

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