Monday, April 7, 2014

Lavender Ranger Editorial: How Lavender Ranger dreamed Super Megaforce to be

UPDATED 3/5/2015
Updated with the concept that some of the guest rangers are substitute teacher that I noticed Fury Diamond and other fans hoping this season would include. Also added Ninja Rangers and 2 Gia centric Episodes. Also updated with info of new episodes.
With how Super Megaforce is turning out to be, it is obvious now that Saban got very little budget then they used to have. What blinded me was the Mega Modes in Samurai. It is noticeable in the editing (Turboranger, Flashman and Maskman caught on the show) and reliance on Gokaiger footage. What has also run down the budget for Super Megaforce is having to shoot footage of the Rangers going from Megaforce to Super Megaforce. I am sure fans have plenty of ideas on how they wanted Gokaiger adapted. But here I have how I would have liked Super Megaforce to turned out with a bigger budget and more attention to detail. I am also combining it with some results of polls I did last year of what guests people would've liked to see.

So to be clear, this is not exactly how I would adapt Gokaiger, I am keeping the cast of Megaforce (Andrew M. Gray, Michael Loudmilk, Azim Azik, Ciara Hana, Christina Masterson and Cameron Jebo) to make it easier. But in my sceanario, the Megaforce powers were destroyed and became Ranger Keys so there wouldn't be that annoying transformation from Megaforce to Super Mega. In my perfect season let's say there was 36. For argument's sakes, I am not using any Sentai before Zyuranger and you'll see why.

Episode 1
Gokaiger Episode: 1
Usable Footage: Gokaiger's first episode's useable footage was the Legend War, the 'Megazord' zipping around against the armada of villains (which was used for "Earth Fights Back" in the real series) and then the Rangers transforming and then changing to Mystic Force and Samurai.
What Really Happened: They kept Megaforce Mode, Super Megaforce came out of nowhere.
My Explanation: First of all, how they handled Jake going from Black to Green was cute but this how I would have handled it: When MMPR went to Zeo, Zordon said something changed with the sub crystals, so Gosei can say because the big battle, they had to change things. So in my version, the Megaforce powers were destroyed with the Messenger. Gosei uses the residual powers of Robo Knight to help make Super Megaforce powers. The Megaforce powers become Ranger Keys that the Rangers can use. So they carry around the Legendary Morphers now. I would've added Mighty Morphin Power Rangers change instead of Goranger, it was just skipped in the real ep. I am sure everyone would agree.
Title Change: Real episode was called "Super Megaforce," I would've called it "Super Tactics."

Episode 2
Gokaiger Episode: 2
Usable Fotoage: Ninja Storm, SPD and All Red transformation. They form the Megazord.
What Really Happened: Episode 2 of Gokaiger was used for ep 1 "Super Megaforce." Gosei Red was changed to Operation Overdrive Red in the all-Red change.
My Explanation: I would've used some of the rebuilding scenes and Troy worrying about Robo Knight from "Earth Fights Back" and makes this the "Earth Fights Back." I would keep the Operation Overdrive change.
Title: Meh, let's go with "Earth Fights Back."
Episode 3
Gokaiger Episode: 3
Usable Footage: They receive the'Mystic Dragon. So usuable footage is the Blue, Pink and Yellow Ranger becoming Black Dino Ranger, RPM Ranger Black and Black Aquitar Ranger. Then they fight the monster as Mystic Rangers and get the dragon.
What Really Happened: This episode and footage was skipped except for the Mystic Force Keys glowing in the cockpit for "Blue Saber Saga." They used the all-black morph for the "A Lion's Alliance" episode.
My Explanation: Since Blue, Pink and Yellow transform into White Rangers but two of them are Sentai, they could have transform into White Wild Force Ranger, White Rhino Ranger and White Aquitar Ranger. It would've been nice to have a former Mystic Force Ranger. In my past poll, it seemed people wanted Nick (Firass Dirani) back. It looks like Saban was against bringing any Disney actor back except for Jason Smith (Casey).
Addition: Red Dragon Fire Ranger
The Plot: I would've had a more original plot where the monster steals Jake's courage and learns to gain it back thanks to Nick.
Imaginary Title: I would have called it "Spelling Disaster."

Episode 4
Gokaiger Episode: 4
Usabale Footage: Jungle Fury and SPD
What Really Happened: 'Blue Saber Saga'
My Explanation: Wasn't the greatest episode but meh, I'll keep it. Of course removing the Mystic Dragon introduction.
Episode 5
Gokaiger Episode: 5
Usable Footage: The Rangers transform into RPM Rangers without Red and then with Red, SPD Rangers and get a SPD zord.
What Really Happened: Dairanger was used. No SPD Actor. Footage was used for "Earth Fights Back."
My Explanation: In my imagination, Dairanger change would've been used. The guest in the ep would be Doggie Cruger, coming from the future (2025) to defeat the monster of the day. In Operation Overdrive, when Sentinel Knight brought Bridge, the Red Ranger to 2007---they mentioned the future but not why he selected him. My explanation for the Super Megaforce Rangers having the SPD powers is that they appearing in the past ("Wormhole" and "Once A Ranger") caused them to be recorded in the Morphing Grid. I guess they could've thrown in Bridge or Jack too.
Addition: SPD Battlizer
Title Change: Instead of "Earth Fights Back," and plot change in my imagination, I'd call it "Emergency from the Future."

Episode 6
Gokaiger Episode: 7
 Usable Footage: Wild Force and Jungle Fury changes
What Really Happen: "Spirit of the Tiger" with Casey guest starring.
My Explanation: Keep it the same, perfect.
Episode 7
Gokaiger Episode: 9
Usable Footage: The Rangers find Anamirum and transform into two non-PR teams so I would have reshoot that. They later gain the Red Lion Zord and use it on their Megazord.
What Really Happened: "Lion Alliance" only used Wild Force change and no Wild Force Cast.
My Explanation: Pretty straightforward. Rick Medina (Cole) said kids might be confused if he returned as Cole if they know him as Deker. So I would have used Shayla. And replace Turbornager and Jetman with Power Rangers Turbo and Power Rangers in Space, have them fly down from the island with their Galaxy Gliders.
Addition: Wild Force Battlizer
Episode 8
Gokaiger Episodes: 11 and 12
Usable Footage: In these two episodes they become MMPR and Lost Galaxy. Then the others without Blue transform into random Rangers, so they should have reshoot the non-PR ones. They become Samurai Rangers and  then gain Samurai mode of their Lion/Megazord.
What Did Happen: They squeeze both eps into "Samurai Surprise," used Jii and Jayden, and kept in for some unknown reason MaskYellow and Pink Flash.
My Explanation: So I would've kept the episode more or less the same except replace Mask Yellow with Lightspeed Yellow and replace Pink Flash with Pink SPD Ranger. And "Samurai Surprise" was fine title. Also, I would've made Argus Robo Knight.
Addition: Shogun Mode outside zord
Episode 9
Gokaiger Episode: 14
Usable Footage: 14 is a Turbo tribute. They transform into MMPR and Turbo Rangers (our Turbo, they do transform into Sentai's Turbo Rangers but that can't be used).
What happened: Footage will be used for Episode 11 "Love is in the Air" having Levira fall for Jake instead of Red Racer. This ep has MMPR and Turbo Legendary Modes
My Explanation: Most people want Justin back. I would have that in my dream. I would have Levira fall for him. SB doesn't seem to care to have three Legendary Modes like in Gokaiger, sometimes they just have one. I would have replaced Sentai Turboranger with a battle with X-Borgs and they change to Alien Rangers and Zeo Rangers. In my imagination, Justin is a race car driver and a guest substitute teacher for Auto Shop. Gia shows off her good skills at fixing cars.
Title Change: I would call it "Shift into Turbo Forever."
Episode 10
Gokaiger Episode: 6
Usable Footage: Gia becomes a bunch of Yellow Rangers: Lightspeed, Operation Overdrive and Turbo. The others become JAKQ, that can be replaced by Dino Thunder, let Emma become Yellow n honor of her friend.
Explanation: This episode was not used, but I added to have Gia-centric episodes which has NOT happened on the actual show. For fun, I'd add Casey back to build a romance between her and Casey as in real life they are together. So the Gokaiger episode was about Yellow did an odd job and protecting a golden tree for a man which ends up being burned.
Plot: Gia is tired of waiting for Vekar to attack and decides to investigate on her own. She tries stowawaying in an Armada Ship and ends up being discovered and fights a monster. The other Rangers are kidnapped and she has to save them. Some footage has to be reshot to explain what building she is when she becomes Lightspeed Yellow and the others transform into JAKQ.
Imaginary Title: Gia's Way or the Highway

Episode 11 and 12
Gokaiger Episodes: 17 and 18
Usable Footage: Silver Ranger debut.  Episode 18 shows off his zord. Ep 17 has Sixth Rangers morph for the five. Ep 18 has all five going Silver Legendary Mode and Samurai.
What did Happen: Episode 17 become part 1 and Episode 18 becomes part 2.
My Explanation: I would have kept the Sixth Ranger morph because I love the female White Dino Ranger. I think it was changed to explain they didn't have the Sixth Ranger Keys. But they excused Maskman and Flashman so all logic is out of the door. So I would have kept "Silver Lining." As for Part 2, I saw it, but I would've kept the all Siler Legendary Mode (they probably omitted it because it had Robo Knight in it) and the Samurai/Zeo Gold joke. Also, this was so easy but they decided to go bland---they could've said Eric got contact with Time Force and Tommy and Dino Thunder Rangers worked on new technology in Eltar (Zordon's home planet) and created the Silver powers. Orion could have been from Eltar and got the powers when they attacked. But Nooooo, they had to make him from some random new planet and found the powers with no explanation.

Episode 13
Gokaiger Episode: 19
Usable Footage: RPM change and Gold Mode
What did Happen: "Power of Six" Episode 9, Jake is jealous of Orion. Orion becomes RPM Gold/Silver fusion and Gold Mode. Green becomes Green Flash.
My Explanation: I liked the episode but I'd change Jake becoming Green Flash into becoming Mystic Force Green with Mystic Fighters.
Episode 14
Gokaiger Episode: 20
Usable Footage: Episode 20 is the Lost Galaxy Episode. Basco uses Magna Defender, Wolf Warrior, Shadow Ranger and White Mystic Rangers against the Rangers. The five transform into the Lost Galaxy Rangers.
My Explanation: According to the poll I did a year ago, fans wanted Leo and Mike back. Danny Salvin indeed will return for Ep 20 "Legendary Battle." Funny enough, his counterpart appeared in Episode 20 of Gokaiger. This episode will not be adapted.
Plot: Orion takes the Rangers in his space ship to Mirinoi to fight Vrak, who has gone there to use Extra Hero Ranger Keys. Vrak has found some keys and use Magna Defender, Wolf Warrior, Shadow Ranger and White Mystic Rangers against the Rangers. Orion idolizes Magna Defender and gets the key back. Mike tells him to keep it. So basically this would be Vrak is back.
Addition: Lost Galaxy Battlizer
Title Name: I would call this episode "Brave New Worlds" or "Vrak's Back."

Episode 15
Gokaiger Episode: 21
Usable Footage: The Rangers become Aquitar Rangers and Operation Overdrive
My Explanation: In my imagination, Mac comes back and is a substitute teacher for Mr. Burley.
Plot: Troy learns from Mac how to become a good leader. They go find a treasure before the villains do, the villains release Moltor.
 Addition: Sentinel Red Ranger
Title: "A Test for a Leader"

Episode 16
Gokaiger Episode: 22
Existing Episode: "A Perfect Storm," it was a great episode so I'd keep it.  
Episode 17
Gokaiger Episode: 23
Usable Footage: Lightspeed Rescue Episode. Pink and Yellow become Mystic Force and a non-PR team. Five Rangers become Lightspeed Rescue. The Rangers battle Sentinel Knight, Camile and Rio doubles.
My Explanation: Alison Macinnis (Dana) returns for 'Legendary Battle along with Sean Cw Johnson (Carter). But it would have been great to have them for a ep like the Gokaiger one. This episode will not be adapted. We can say Vrak comes back to Earth and uses the keys of Sentinel Knight, Camile and Rio. Dana could also be a substitute for Home Ec and all five rangers go to this class.
Plot: Gia and Emma bump into Dana who helps a woman give birth.
Addition: Red Ranger with the Cycle Armor, Orion becomes Titanium Ranger, replace Fiveman morph with Zeo or Mighty Morphin
Title Change: I would call this "To the Rescue"

Episode 18
Gokaiger Episodes: 25 and 26
Usable Footage/My Explanation: Ninja Storm Episode. Red, Blue and Yellow become Dino Thunder and a non-PR team. In the footage, the Hurricanger return and transform and fight along side the Gokaiger.
What Will Happen: Was not adapted, the Ninja Storm zord comes out at the same time as the Super Mega Cannon in an unconnected episode.
Plot: I would have brought back Shane, Tori and Dustin and have them fight alongside the Super Megaforce Rangers.
Addition: Instead of Liveman, I'd have Troy, Noah and Gia become RPM. Also, Red Ranger Battlizer.
Title Change: I'd called it "Streaked Like Lightning"

Episode 19
Gokaiger Episode: 29
Usable Footage: Rangers become Dino Thunder. In Gokaiger, Pink became AbarePink.
My Explanation/What Happened: This episode was used for"United As One", an Emma Episode. They did reshoot the Dino Thunder introduction. Emma is somehow cut out to make a kite fly (oh yeah that seems so important). It didn't have any veteran Dino Thunder Rangers, I would have added Kira (Yellow) and he could be a substitute for Mr. Burley too. I'd keep the name "United as One."
Addition: Triassic Battlizer

Episode 20
Gokaiger Episode: 31
Usable Footage/My Explanation: Lots of usable footage here as the Rangers have to fight the Extra Heroes that Basco has.  This is a Zeo episode as the five become Zeo Rangers. The Gokaiger episode had OhRed and OhPink, which would mean Tommy and Kat but most fans want Tommy back for MMPR. Tommy will indeed be back for "Legendary Battle." This episode was not be adapted. In my version, it is only Kat. Kat can also be a substitute teacher.
Plot: Vrak threatens the Rangers with a bomb. Kat comes in to help. The Rangers fight the Extra Hero doubles Vrak sends on them. Orion manages getting most of the keys. Vrak escapes.
Addition: Since this is my imagination, heck throw in Zeo Zord toy with new CGI.
Title: It could be called "Dire Decisions."

Episode 21
Gokaiger Episode: 27 and 32
Usable Footage:  Instead of Yellow and Green switching bodies, Blue and Green do. They mix it with Episode 32 in which Green makes the Super Mega Cannon.
What Happened: Episode 27 and 32 will be used for Episode 12 "The Grass is Always Greener or Bluer." They use the Alien Rangers and Changeman.
My Explanation: I liked the episode except for the Changeman stuff, so I would changed it to Lightspeed Rescue. I would keep the episode the same. They can connect the Super Mega Cannon to Zeo as well.
Episode 22
Gokaiger Episode: 33
Useable Footage: The Rangers become Dairanger and Jungle Fury. Silver becomes Lunar Wolf Ranger. With the episode "Perfect Storm", Saban Brands calls Dairanger-- Legendary Squadron, I would had called them Mythical Beasts or something.
My Explanation:  They used this episode for the casting sides for Orion. It would have been great to explain the Dairanger powers with this. They could had been a team from Orion's planet that he looked up to.
Plot: Orion is discouraged when his morpher is eaten by a monster and a Red Ranger he looked up to visits him to help him out.
Title: "When Discouraged"
Episode 23
Gokaiger Episodes: 35 and 36
Usable Footage: These two episodes are the RPM episodes. They transform into SPD, RPM and Battle Fever J, I would replace BFJ with In Space.
What Happened: They go to Corinth, which is basically just like Machine World from Go-Onger and they don't meet no one else. They only become RPM.
My Explanation: I would have gone with Dillon. Fans picked Scott. Making any of them substitutes make no sense if they are traveling to Corinth. Episode will be called "In the Driver's Seat," I would keep it. So I would had not use as much as Machine World footage and actually rebuild the Corinth sets.

Episode 24
Gokaiger Episodes: 30 and 37
What happened: "All Hail Prince Vekar" has footage from Ep 37 and 38 meaning the defeat of both Vekar and Argus.
Explanation:  But in my imagination, Argus is Robo Knight and Noah fights him. The Rangers without Blue also become Extra Heroes (in the actual ep, Orion becomes Wolf Warrior). Noah or Troy can release Robo Knight and he becomes Robo Knight again. I would use footage from 30 with Blue fighting Argus. I would mix this with the actual ending of "Vrak's Back Part 2."
Title Change: I'd make this episode "Robo Return"
Addition: Noah uses Blue Lightspeed Mega Battle
Episode 25
Gokaiger Episodes: 37 and 38
Usable Footage/Explanation: They mix in the showdown between the main villain and the Rangers and Ultimate Legendary Megazord. They destroy Vrax's brother Vekar. So basically I would split the existing episode "All Hail Prince Vekar," my proposed Episode 24 would spill into 25 with elements of the existing "Vrak's Back Part 2."
What Happened: This footage will be "All Hail Prince Vekar." Meh, I'd keep it the same.

Episode 26
Gokaiger Episode: 39
Usable Footage/Explanation: They become In Space and Time Force, Orion becomes Sentinel Knight too. This will not be used.
Plot: Andros is on Earth on a mission, disguises as a substitute teacher (we don't actually see him teach) and helps the Rangers. It has been 5 episodes since we had a substitute. It will be another 5.
Addition: Space Battlizer
Imaginary Title: "Call to Danger"

Episode 27
Gokaiger Episode: 40
Usable Footage/Explanation: Time Force episode. The Gokaiger traveled back and rescues a temple from Metal Alice and inadvertently leads to rescuing "Ninjor." I'm sure people will want Wes and Jen back for this one. Jason Faunt (Wes) does return for "Legendary Battle." This episode won't be used. Orion also becomes Zeo Gold. They also fight Octoroo as different Red Rangers and Metal Alice too. I would change this to a Gia centric episode. Making Jen and Wes substitutes make no sense for this episode.
Addition: Time Force Red Battlizer and Orion uses Quantum Mega Battle
Imaginary Title: "Just in Time"

 Episode 28
Gokaiger Episode: 41
Usable Footage: Pink uses the RPM Gold and Silver Ranger Keys with Silver followed by the Thunder Rangers Keys with Green, before transforming into Megaforce with Yellow, Kat Ranger with Blue becoming Shadow Ranger, and finally female Red with Red as Samurai Red.
Explanation: This episode was not used but the monster briefly appeared and then disappeared.
Plot: In Gokaiger, Ahim (Pink) looks for revenge on the monster that killed her parents. In PRSM, Emma could just be mad at the monster for some other reason.
 Imaginary Title: "To the Pink Power"

Episode 29
Gokaiger Episode: 45
Usable Footage/Explanation: Poke_Fan brought up a good point that I should have the Ninja Rangers in this. I made Ninja Ranger Keys years back in photoshop. And this could explain what happened to Ninjor after a long time. Maybe Master Vile trapped him in a jar.So Ninjor comes back and let's say he gives them Ninja Ranger powers, which would be mostly all new footage.
 Imaginary Title: "Ninja'd"
 Addition: Ranger as Ninja Rangers

Episode 30
Gokaiger Episode: 46
Usable Footage/Explanation: Let's say Ninjor stuck around and they could've used footage of 46 where Ninjor becomes big and fights the monster. Why is Ninjor connected to the Aquitar Rangers? Well, in the Alien Ranger saga I watched again---they did say that Ninjor gave them their powers long ago. In my imagination, they can also add Delphine coming back too.
 Imaginary Title: "Power of Water, Power of Light"
Episode 31
Gokaiger Episode: 34
Usable Footage: There's no other Legendary Modes but the monster does pretend to be Silver and Yellow. This episode was not used.
My Explanation: In Gokaiger, Yellow has a visit from an old friend who turns out to be a monster and the real friend was kidnapped, she rescues him and he flies back home. He reminds her of her dream of buying a new planet, one of peace.
Plot: The monster (changed to female) pretends to be Gia and goes out on a date with Jake and end up kidnapping him. She goes out with Orion (as Gia) and once again kidnaps the boy. Gia finds out and fights the monster. The others let Jake and Orion go and the monster pretends to be Orion.
Addition: Ninja Ranger Legendary Mode, Red using Triassic Battlizer.
Imaginary Title: "Catfished"
Episode 32
Gokaiger Episodes: 42 and 43
Usable Footage/Explanation: These episodes are Green-centric and they defeat Damaras.  The Rangers become Jungle Fury with Dai Shi and Camile. Also all Green Change, I would change Midoranger and Green Flash.
Plot: Damaras kidnaps the Ranger and it is up to Jake to save the day.
What Happened: This footage is used for "Emperor Marvo", Jake only becomes Mystic Force Green. I would have kept the all Green Change as mentioned before.
Imaginary Title: "Green without Envy"
Addition: Jake using Lightspeed Mega Battle Green.
Episode 33
Gokaiger Episodes: 47, 48 and 49 and Goseiger finale
Usable Footage/Explanation: This is where they defeat Basco, in my imagination they replace Basco with Vrak, making this ep more original footage. Also the defeat of Levira with replacement of the legendary modes. Most likely they'll use some footage for "The Wrath". Even though I like the use of Goseiger for "Vrak is Back Part 1 and 2" with elements of the Ranger Keys turning to stone and Orion being used, I'd rather have Vrak throughout the season like Basco.
Imaginary Title: "Down to the Wings"
 Addition: Troy using SPD Battlizer
Episode 34
Gokaiger Episode: 50
Usable Footage/Explanation: The Rangers go against the whole army. Mammoth Ranger (MMPR Black) shows up.  Silver becomes Green MMPR Ranger and gives his shield to the Red Ranger to defeat villains. They might use that footage. Tommy will appear in "Legendary Battle" so in my imagination Jason appears in this episode. Jason can be Troy's substitute martial arts teacher.
Addition: Metallic Armor
Imaginary Title: "It's Morphin Time"

Episode 35
Gokaiger Episode: 51
Usable Footage/Explanation:  The Rangers use powerups in this episode (Shark Mode Red Samurai Ranger, Ultra Megaforce Blue, Yellow Cheetah Ranger Master Mode, Green Ranger SWAT Mode, Legend Mystic Pink, and Silver Gold Mode). They also transform into 1 of all 35 teams in Sentai, which they could reshoot or use parts of. They did use some of it for the Extended Edition of "Legendary Battle"
What Happened: Episode will have new footage and called "Legendary Battle." I'd keep it.
Addition: Troy using all Red Battlizers: Space, Lost Galaxy Lightspeed, Time Force, Wild Force, Ninja Storm, Dino Thunder, SPD, Mystic Force and Operation Overdrive.
Christmas Special
Explanation: Gokaiger Episode 44 can obviously be used for the Christmas special. It is where the Silver Ranger becomes a 'Christmas' Ranger. In the ep, all of them become Yellow Rangers which they can also use. It looks like there won't be a Christmas Special this time and it is a real shame!
Usable Footage: Battle Fever J can be replaced by In Space, the Rangers all become Yellow and Orion becomes a Christmas Ranger.
Plot: In Gokaiger, Silver and Yellow befriend a sister and brother that get turned into felt dolls. The sister becomes Yellow when she becomes a felt doll too. In my plot, the school puts up a tree. Orion and Gia help and a monster attacks turning one of the students and Orion into action figures. Gia gets a fake action figure to pretend to be her (like in Gokaiger) but gets turned anyway like in SPD with Z. A female student becomes Yellow to save the day.
Imaginary Title: "Super Mega Christmas Mode"

 Hour Special: "Rangers Together, Never Surrender"
Gokaiger footage: Goseiger vs Shinkenger and Gokaiger
Explanation: Like the hour special "Clash of the Red Rangers," this one would be the Samurai vs Megaforce teamup. I would use Gokaiger Goseiger Super Sentai 199 Hero Great Battle and Goseiger vs Shinkenger combined. In this special, Robo Knight returns and use some footage of him from 199 Hero Great Battle.
Usable Footage: From Goseiger vs Shinkenger, the majority of the plot like 'Clash' used Shinkenger vs Go-Onger. Remove any use of Datas Hyper and use some footage from 199 Hero Great Battle beginning of Super Megaforce transforming into past teams fighting against X-Borgs and Levira. Instead of Goseiger stealing their keys back, it can be the Samurai Rangers doing so. Some footage from '199 Hero' and some reshoots or they could say Samurai Rangers made Symbol Power to make Megaforce doubles to fight alongside Super Megaforce). I would've omitted the zord battles.
Plot: Super Megaforce Rangers battle a platoon of X-Borgs and Bruisers led by Argus and Levira, using the RPM, Aquitar and Ninja Storm Ranger Keys. Right when they are about to use the Samurai Ranger Keys, Kevin and Mike steal them. The Gokaigers are left in confusion when the Samurai Rangers regain their powers and transform to battle before Damaras and Levira make their retreat. Both Ranger groups then engage in an argument over the possession of the Samurai keys. Jayden apologizes for his team's actions. The Rangers are split up when Moogers and Nighlok arrives.
Meanwhile, Vekar and his crew are paid a visit by Dark Star King, a rival king of Vekar's dad. Although Vekar initially refuses, Dark Star King promises that his only interest is in destroying all Power Ranger teams and not the takeover of Earth. Seeing that the alliance means little risk and high reward, Vekar agrees.
Troy is powered down to Megaforce and fights alongside Jayden. Samurai Blue arrives.Samurai Red and Blue fight a Nighlok and Green arrives. Xilvar, Xandred's brother, arrives. He battles Super Samurai Red before sticking his Loogies on the Samurai before retreating. As Troy tries to convince Kevin and Mike to help them, Jake and Gia pick up Mia while Noah and Emma meet with Emily before the reunion is interrupted by Jayden as he turns into Dark Samurai Red as he attacks the Megaforce Rangers. However, Megaforce Red takes the deathblow meant for them before Robo Knight and Samurai Gold arrive to cover their escape.
Back at Gosei's, the two groups are together. With Troy's wounds tended to as Robo Knight suggests augmenting their Gosei Cards and Megaforce powers to fight Xilvar, and Antonio agree to fight alongside the Goseigers. The Megaforce Rangers ask Robo Knight how he is back. "Very simple explanation." The next day, the teams learn to combine their Gosei Cards and Power Symbols abilities and manage to succeed as Troy comes to and assures Kevin that everything would work out, as Lauren Shiba arrives with a solution to the crisis. By then, as Vrak's plan to drown the World with the Sanzu River's waters is revealed to Octoroo's shock, the two teams arrive to stop it only to be forced to fight Dark Samurai Red in order to hold him until Megaforce Red arrives and uses a card powered with fire symbol to free Samurai Red from Vrak's hold. The two teams proceed to fight their way through the Loogies and Moogers.
As the others use their Power Cards/Power Symbols combos to overpower monsters, Ultra Red and Shark Attack Samurai Red manage to defeat past monsters before regrouping with the others to finish Xilvar with the Super Samurai Ranger and a Gosei Dynamic combo. Octoroo gathered Moogers to reclaim the river. However they are confronted by the Rangers morphed into Super Megaforce who wipe out Octoroo's troops quickly. They then transform into past Red heroes and Red uses the RPM Red powers to summon powers with which Octoroo is finally destroyed for good. Though Xilvar is destroyed, Vrak survived. Despite their differences, the Samurai and Megaforce Rangers use their combined teamwork to defeat Vekar and some resurrected villains.
The Megaforce Rangers are reunited with Robo Knight, but Dark Star King has them facing the various Power Rangers groups brought to life from the Ranger Keys he stole. The Samurai Rangers make Power Symbols to split the Megaforce powers. The Megaforce and Super Megaforce Rangers engage in a grueling battle with the Power Raners groups, but they manage to revert them back into Ranger Keys. The Dark Star King then grows into giant size and attacks the two groups when the Ranger Keys suddenly glow and blind him. The light fades and the Super Megaforce and Samurai Rangers find themselves back in the canyon where they were fighting the Ranger Key Clones, with the Ranger Keys suddenly returning to Ranger size. Samurai and Super Megaforce teams transform again and use a newly formed cannon to destroy Dark Star King. Samurai Rangers and Megaforce Rangers patch up their differences. Samurai Rangers give the Megaforce Rangers back their keys.

TV Movie: Power Rangers Super Megaforce Meets VR Troopers
Gokaiger Footage: Gokaiger: Flying Ghost Ship and Gokaiger vs. Gavan
Explanation: My dream since Gokaiger vs Gavan came along that they could celebrate the 20th anniversary of VR Troopers with the return of main three actors. I like the footsoliders coming back and forming into a monster in "Flying Ghost Ship" so I'd use it. This TV Movie would be an hour and a half, around 90 or 100 minutes.
Usable Footage: Of course, this is my dream so it would have the Pink Ranger Legendary Mode but reshot and made longer. Above you can see it, they used DynaPink, Operation Overdrive Pink, Pink Flash, Mighty Morphin Pink, Five Pink, and Space Pink. I would replace DynaPink, Pink Flash and Five Pink with Zeo Pink, SPD Pink and Mystic Force Pink. I would use the Megazord footage from 'Flying Ghost Ship' instead of Gokaiger vs Gavan because Gavan's giant blue dragon would not make sense in this context. I would reshoot footage with the VR Troopers, I like it better to see 'Metalder' than 'Gavan.' I would keep Gavan Bootleg.
Plot: This might be long. Ryan Steele has worked on the technology of VR Troopers for a while and keeping Grimlord at bay for almost 20 years. The Armada sends a general ('Flying Ghost Ship') with a copy of the Skyship to release Grimlord, which Vekar's father tells him has great powers. Grimlord releases a monster (Gokaiger vs Gavan) that opens a portal to the virtual world. The Rangers arrive and are confronted by Ryan in his first VR Suit. VR Bootleg (Gavan Bootleg) arrives and reveals he is Grimlord, fights Ryan and beats him out of his suit and takes him. The portal sucks the Rangers in too. The Rangers end up in a strange world and face old footsoliders that make a monster.
Kaitlin and JB appear and tell the Rangers that Ryan has been taken to the Armada Prison. The duo open a portal for the Rangers to go to the prison. They find old villains that turned good like Marah & Kapri, Toxica and Jindrax, and Norg. X-Borgs storm into the ground floor. Noah and Orion deal with the platoon while the other Rangers race to the top floor and the former villains are released from their cells. VR Bootleg sends the Rangers to other dimensions once again. Gia and Jake a monster, while Troy and Emma fend off some old monsters before Troy reaches the top floor. There Troy fights the monster from 'Flying Ghost Ship' using their footage. Then the monster runs off and Troy fights VR Bootleg. During the fight, Troy uses his Super Mega Blaster to fire shots that ricochet off their swords and destroy the shackles on Ryan, freeing the him.
After Troy rescues Ryan, the Rangers shoot holes on the floors of the prison. They reunite with Noah and Orion, Orion then activates the Super Mega Cannon to destroy the prison, and they open another portal to make their exit. Having returned to Earth, Ryan in his VR suit battles VR Bootleg while the Rangers fight the VR monster. They activate all-pink, all-white, and all-red Legendary Modes. JB and Kaitlin arrive and change into VR Troopers. The three VR Troopers reunite to destroy VR Bootleg/Grimlord. New footage is used for Grimlord's true form and the VR Troopers finally destroy Grimlord once and for all.
'Ghost Ship' monster calls Bootleg Legendary Megazord as the Rangers form Legendary Megazord to engage their opponent in battle from on the Ghost Ship's mast to the its deck. When Fake Legendary Megazord is about to fire its main cannon, the Rangers summon Delta Patrol Zord, Mystic Dragon, Tiger Jungle Fury Zord and Dragon Mechazord to destroy Bootleg Legendary Megazord in an explosion that consumes the Ghost Ship. Ryan, JB and Kaitlin reunite with the Rangers at Ernie's and talk about the old days. Troy asks Ryan why they never teamed up with the Power Rangers before. Ryan explains he hadn't heard of them before. Gosei and Tensou explain some heroes are so busy that it is hard to meet each other sometimes.

So you might not agree but that's how I would've been happy. 


Mateus Honrado said...

Your version of Super Megaforce is better than the actual one, but it's a shame you didn't add a team up with Samurai.

Unknown said...

There will only be 20 episodes right? If there is additional 12 episodes, we would be happy.

Poke_Fan said...

Since you had 2 Ninjor episodes, I wouldn't mind if there was one "Ninja Mode" episode where they use the MMPR Season 3 costumes. That is more of a dream than most of your other scenarios, but just gives us hope.

Poke_Fan said...

Thank you so much for including the Ninja powers! Next to the power weapons and original zords, these are one of my favorites of MMPR!