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Power Rangers Super Megaforce - The Perfect Storm - Episode Review

"The Perfect Storm"
There is a storm and Tensou goes out and gets hit by lightning and forgets who he is. At Brain Freeze, Noah comes in and tells the guys. The Froyo Machine is broken and Gosei calls them to get Tensou. Ernie makes a call for Froyo repair. Vekar wants to use a stone to be place on a pyramid that absorbs storm energy that Vrak was working on. Tensou tries to get attention in the city while the Rangers go around looking for him, Emma on bike, Noah and Orion together, and the others on foot on their own. Emma spots Tensou looking at his reflection. Tensou mistakes a suitcase for him and when talking to it, a big man picks him up and takes him on the bus, mistaking it for his suitcase.

Emma tells this to the others, Jake is nearby and runs to catch the bus. Emma puts the suitcase on her bike and goes after the bike. Tensou remains quiet on the bus. Jake does some parkour and catches up with the bus. He enters the bus, sits next to a nice old lady, he tries to talk to Tensou but when he turns to look, the man is gone. Jake gets out but the man is lost. Jake and Emma meet, they deduce that he has forgotten who he is. Troy meets with them in the park. Jake grabs the suitcase and looks for a tag or label. Troy wants to open it. Emma is not for it, saying it doesn't belong to them.

Gia is at the mall and has spotted the man and Tensou, calling the others. Jake throws Gia the suitcase and she goes after the man to switch them. Noah and Orion spotted a monster and X-Borgs near the trains and tells Troy. They catch the X-Borgs' attention. They morph (Blue instantly to Super Mega Mode). Gia enters the elevator with the man. The man calls someone on his cellphone. Gia is unsuccessful. Jake stops him and asks him the time, he tells him but also tells him he has a watch. In the meantime, Gia switches Tensou with the suitcase. Tensou doesn't recognize them and wants help. Emma tells him to calm down. Gia says to keep him undercover. Troy gets an idea and they stuff Tensou in a stroller.

Meanwhile, Orion has gone to Mighty Morphin Green and Noah is Dino Thunder Blue and weaken the monster. They go back Super Mega and the monster disappears. Noah tells the others about the mountain the monster was headed to. At the mountain, the monster puts the Power Prism in the pyramid. Power fills the monster. Noah and Orion fight X-Borgs. The others arrive. The six transform (five as Megaforce) and fight X-Borgs. Tensou shuts down. They un-morph and tend to Tensou. Tensou remembers who he is again. Gosei calls and tells them to get to the mountain top. Noah gets Tensou on his backpack.

The monster continues powering up. The six transform once again. They take down Bruisers. Blue puts Tensou down. The five go Super Mega. The five go 'Legendary Squadron' and Orion becomes Mighty Morphin White. They then 'use the power of the Zeo Crystal' and become Zeo Rangers. They do the Dynamite Attack and take down the monster. They go back to Super Mega. The monster is still alive and he sends a ball of light into space and activate an Asteroid. Vekar makes the monster big. The rangers enter the Zords. Megzord use the Samurai and Wild force powers and make Legendary Samurai Megazord. Q-Rex Megazord also joins the battle. They use the Fire Smasher and destroy the monster once and for all. The Asteroid enters the atmosphere.

The Megazord detects the Asteroid. They use the cannon with no avail. Orion thinks and tells them to swing him and he uses his Drill attack, destroying the Asteroid. Later, Gosei thanks them for  good job. Tensou enjoys a mirror. The Rangers bid Tensou goodbye. The Froyo machine has been fixed at Brain Freeze, the Rangers find out that the man with the suitcase was the repairman. The man tells Ernie to keep an eye on the Rangers because they seem suspicious.

This episode was accidently put on Hulu Plus for three days, a week before it was to air so many fans saw it. Many fans liked this episode, saying they like the new civilian footage outdoors and more original footage. I think the title is misleading because I thought it would be the Ninja Storm episode but I guess that will be left to the "It's Always Greener or Bluer" episode according to a French website's episode descriptions. Everyone is a buzz about Dairanger being called "Legendary Squadron," I think it is just a safe generic name, to avoid calling it anything special to avert conterversary. I personally liked some parts but its a little too late, I am so disappointed by this production, there are so many parts I see they could have added new morphing footage. I feel like all episodes should have been to this caliber or even better than this and we've seen it done before with the Disney Era. 
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