Thursday, September 4, 2014


I feel so bad that I forgot the 20th Anniversary of VR Troopers! It first aired on Saturday September 3, 1994! If you follow me on Twitter, you'd see I kept mentioning it. But I somehow confused it with my cousin's birthday, I confused the two. Also, lots of fans were doing the 21st anniversary of Power Rangers with marathons and memories and hashtagging #powerrangers21 or #pr21, I tried to make #vrt21 but it didn't seem to take. I guess there is always next year. By the way, today is also the birthday of Azim Rizk, Beyoncé, Jason David Frank and fellow Floridian fan Scott Finni. Yes Scott, I just mentioned you on my blog. So, I digress, going back to VR Troopers. Brad Hawkins was so excited meeting fans, he was such a delight.

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