Thursday, September 10, 2015

Second Round of Power Rangers Dino Charge Production Stills

UPDATED 11/05/15 
This is my 3000th post!!!
From Saban Brands:
 Episode 15:

The Ghostest With the Mostest :
Episode 14:

Episode 13:

Episode 12:

Episode 11:
"Breaking Out"

Episode 10:
"Royal Rangers"

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Unknown said...

Dear Tyler Navarro And Chase randall and Shelby Watkins and Koda you are stupid dum dums! your name is actually Chase Wrong! aw ha ha ha ha! Or should i suggest Chase Wrongall! this better than i hoped this would become! I love Wrench and want to join his army and Poisandra and Master Heckyll!
from, your'e enemy Whittany