Saturday, October 3, 2015

Power Rangers Dino Charge - Sync or Swim - Episode Review

A new monster has stinking fog. Kendall is in charge of an event for kids. Tyler has a new coat that Shelby doesn't like and Ivan comes in a shining armor and horse. Wrench puts a bomb in Tyler's jeep. Shelby takes Ivan to the mall for new clothes at Kendall's request. Tyler and Ivan have a friendly rivalry. Ivan comes in Tyler's jacket which Shelby picks, which makes Tyler jealous so he makes people walk on his jacket which begins as an act of chivalry. Monster makes the event fog up. Wrench and the monster also has a rivalry. The Rangers try to morph but can't. Tyler's jacket gets ruined. The fog lifts and the monsters retreat. The others go after him.

Wrench leaves and the Rangers morph and fight the monsters. Ivan and Tyler argue who actually fight the monster. Tyler falls down, saying he can't compete and they have to work together. The monster is destroyed and Pink tries telling Kendall about the bomb. They fight the monster with the Megazord. Pterazord comes to help and the others stop the bomb.  Red and Gold destroy the monster. RIley has the families get out of the event. The bomb is too big to move. The zord flies to the bomb. They pick up the bomb and take it to Sledge. Wrench gets screamed at by Sledge. Tyler brings a surprise to Ivan ina box, a new jacket. They take a selfie. Shelby liked it better when they didn't get along. 

The 800th episode monster's power is farting. One note: Ivan and Tyler didn't have to walk away from the dirty jacket gag. Meh, it had a boring bomb gag and Kendall's event never went anywhere. Wrench and the gas monster did remind of Baboo and Squatt for a second. 

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