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Power Rangers Dino Supercharge - Date with Danger - Episode Review

Chase has a pattern of what he does on dates. He has trophies. Shelby figures it is the fourth date. Tyler says Chase usually does push-ups. Chase says he doesn't do it anymore. Koda says it is because a girl beat him at pushups once. Chase says this current girl he is dating is different. He accidentally gets electrocuted with a machine Kendall had out. A asteroid lands on Earth and it is monster called Shinge, who offers to gets the Energems for Fury, Snide and Wrench. Chase does some skating moves for his date Kayley. She is unimpressed and complains it has been a hour. He says he is a regular guy. She says there is a thing she has to do and leaves. 

Elsewhere, Tyler opens a letter that someone says he saw his father before he disappeared and some buildings get attacked so he morphs. Chase sees it, morphs and joins Tyler. They meet Fury and Fury introduces Shinge. Shinge says he has a headache, he uses his gun against the Rangers and moves Fury out of the way. He hit a random woman, Chase comes to her rescue. Kayley arrives and offers to take the woman. Chase does an American accent and flips and leaves. He puts the Armor X armor and fights Shinge but gets knocked down. The other four Rangers arrive and get knocked down. 

Fury tells Shinge to forget his headache. Shinge says Fury has been there for millions of years and didn't get one energem. They try to fight. The Rangers shoot at them and they teleport away. Wrench gives Shinge a picture of Koda and Kayley. Shinge shows Heckyl his plan to kidnap Kayley. Heckyl is for it but threatens Shinge anyway. Shelby reads the note that Tyler have from the guy named Rusty, He kisses her cheek and she blushes and he leaves. At the diner, Chase shows Kayley his thropies. She breaks up with hi, saying she met someone else and leaves. He tries to stop her, he wants to know who she is. She says he is the Black Ranger. He quickly says it is him and interrupts himself.

At the base, he says "She dumped me for me." Shelby asks him where he took her on her date. She asked him if he asked her what she wanted to do. She asks if he nows what she likes. He says he'll never have a chance, come sup with an idea and leaves. He gets electrocuted again. Tyler meets with Rusty in a cave where he has a site. He tells him a story where he last saw James and there was a shake and James saved him and the cave collapsed around him. Tyler asks if he got out. Rusty says it is possible. Rusty asks to see Tyler's gem and asks him where he found it. Rusty says it is really something. Meanwhile, Black Ranger meets Kayley in his labored American accent. She says she loves space, she wants to be an astronaut. 

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Black Ranger and Kayley hang out on his bike and then he shows her a telescope. Kayley would like to know his identity. He says he can't. Later, Keeper speaks to him at the base. He has pictures of them together. Keeper asks if they have a future together. Chase says it was the only way to be with her. Keeper says if with an accent and hiding his identity, could she truly be happy with him? Later on another date, Kayley says she feels close to him. He says it is a problem, he can never tell her who he is, he said they have to be friends. She says she can't get over him. He says maybe another guy before him. She tells him he was all into himself. Black Ranger tells him to give him a chance and they part ways. Chase de-morphs saying he lost her twice.

He hears her screaming and Shinge and Wrench have her. Shinge shoots at him and he sweres on his bike and kicks Wrench and gets Kayley. He tells her to go and he will call the police. The other Rangers arrive. They morph. Tyler is called away by Kendall. The Rangers fight Shinge and Wrench. Shinge tells Snide to make him big, he says he likes his style and he puts his foot down near the Rangers and blasts at them. Plesiozord arrives with Tyler in it. They all jump inside it. They add Parazord. They activate Dino Superdrive and shoot back at Shinge and knock him. They do galactic Para/Plesio Blast but it is isn't enough, Riley addes the Raptor. Shinge takes him down. Poisandra makes fun of Fury in the ship. Fury reverses the mega-beam and he shrinks. 

Back at the ship, Fury tells Shinge to get out of his cell. Shinge says Heckyl says he can pick any cell he wants. Shinge wonder show the mega beam wore off. Fury tells him to watch his step. Back at the diner, Kayley apologizes to Chase. Chase apologizes for just showing off. She says they can try again but not to focus on him. Shelby says she thought he would focus on the grill. He says he is focusing on the girl. Shelby says not the girl but the grill, which is on fire, Chase panics. 

It is funny how some people didn't notice Chase was changing his accent. Also that Kayley's Kiwi accent slips in most noticeably in the last scene. Accents are tricky, especially when it is on a set with a lot of technical people, actors, props and long hours. These actors have to wait hours for lighting and other crew to set up. It is not easy point and shoot. Shinge is a great character, he was a character like Fury in Kyouryuger, lasting a couple of eps. Shinge reminds me of Heckyl but is a little different as he is over-confident. Also, I didn't like how everyone was on Chase's side. I would had expected Kendall or even Riley to mention Chase should focus on being Ranger other than just love. Keeper is now like that grandpa that gives life advise but disappears when something big happens... like Heckyl entering the base a couple eps back!!!

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Also we are introduced to Rusty who in the flashback we briefly see the Silver Energem near him. As James, Tyler's dad is now assumed to be the Aqua Ranger due to the episode summaries (One mentions Tyler and James reuniting and the next mentions the Aqua Ranger being present. Also the toy description says Aqua Ranger has been around for a while and the actor hired to be James is rather young, so we can assume he got the Energem and stayed the age he was when he got lost.), I guess Rusty will be the Silver Ranger. 

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