Sunday, January 29, 2017

Upcoming and Current toys and Exclusives

2 Pack Good Vs Evil Sets in 5 inches
Green Ranger with Sword of Darkness vs Red Ranger (from Super Megaforce toys)
Robo Knight vs Loogie (5 inch version as original was 4 inch)
Silver vs Vekar
Samurai (PRSM toy) vs Ninja (?)
Gold vs Fury
Red vs Poisandra

Toys R US Exclusive Movie Legacy figures
Picture from @itswallysworld on Instagram

Target Exclusives
Power Ranger Team with metallic figures and Goldar.

SFX Masks
Red available in all other stores, these only at Target

Power Swords, Red available at other stores.

Auto-Morphin Figures coming soon, presumably available in other stores.

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