Saturday, February 25, 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - Drive to Strive - Episode Review

Calvin had built a new truck and he admits he doesn't know how to drive. When he was little, he rode a go-cart in a track and when he crashed, he is scared of driving. Brody wants Sarah to teach him and Calvin who to drive. Sarah is the one who drives his truck. In space, Tangleweb spits out a footsolider and is hungry again. Tangleweb goes to spider mode and hides in the school. Victor and Monty have a plan to skip class. Victor tries stepping on a spider and it grows up to be Tangleweb who wraps the two with web. Back with the Rangers, Brody is doing tricks with his bike. Calvin doesn't do so well. He crashes and blames the motorcycle. Hayley goes to him, he says he wants to learn but can't get over his fear. Calvin leaves and Tangleweb becomes human size and the four Rangers morph. 

Tangleweb becomes huge and creates a vortex, swallowing in White, Pink and Blue, they are trapped in webs. Their weapons don't work either. Tangleweb and Red fight. Calvin sees Red get swallowed up into the vortex. The monster retreats. Mick and Redbot create throwing stars. Calvin comes in and explain. Brody communicates to them through the Ninjacam. The prism glows and shows them his motorcycle. Calvin throws the star in the prism and it is transformed. Mick and Redbot tell Calvin they believe in him and not let the fear get to him. 

Monty and Victor fall out of the school with their web ball and then start floating. Tangleweb meets with Calvin, who flies into the vortex. Galavanax is happy with Ripcon. Calvin cuts the web and goes to the motorcycle. He places the ninja star on the motorcycle and it transforms. Calvin preps himself and morphs and drives the bike out and the others are released. Hayley and Calvin hug. He calls it the Mega Motorcycle. Sarah makes a mist around the monster and they fight him. The Rangers do final attacks.  Mick and Redbot get a vision from the prism of an elephant. Tangleweb is made giant by the audience and the Rangers call the zords. The zords are wrapped in web.

Mick throws the ninja star that calls the Rumble Tusk Zord and it rolls on a rock. Brody gets free and jumps on the zord. He attacks the monster. He takes he webs of his friends. They activates the Ninja Zord mode. He combines it with the Megazord. They don Master Mode and enter a new cockpit. They do a  double Ax attack. Madame Ode has Ripcon clean toilets. She tells him they will be eating extra spicy beans. Calvin drives his truck and shows his driving license. Mick gives them new Ninja Stars to use the Ninja Morph Cycles. They see Victor and Monty deflate in the ball.

Doesn't Calvin drive his zord too? Also Tangleweb sneaking around ad a spider was wasted, he could've been written as a spy and spied on the Rangers. So we finally been confirmed that Calvin and Hayley are in a relationship with the hand and face touching. The closed caption has Double Axe as 'Double X.' This is the first episode to have a monster say 'your zord sucks,' have farting actively throughout the episode and alluding to the monsters pooping in toliets. A very crass episode. 

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