Sunday, February 19, 2017

Imaginext Power Rangers Second Wave

In 2015 Imaginext started Mighty Morphin Power Rangers line

With remote control Dragon Dagger and shield Green Ranger

Zord Battle Armor
First came in Red, Blue and Black and later transparent Yellow

Transparent Yellow Zord Battle Armor, Green Ranger coming soon.

Rita and Finster
Metallic Brown Rita and metallic Finster

Command Center
Comes with Blue Ranger and Alpha

Power Rangers Alien Invasion
Red, Black and Green Rangers vs repackaged aliens that have nothing to do with the series.

 Terror Toad and Z-Putty
Terror Toad is a repaint of another Imaginext toy.

Triceratops Battle Bike with Blue and Pink Rangers

Mastodon Battle Bike with Yellow and Black Ranger

Rita Repulsa and Moon Base
Repaint of Imaginext Castle Wizard Tower, comes with Rita and Putty

 Coming soon White Tigerzord (photo from MMPRToys)

Also coming soon:
Babboo and Squatt
Unicorn Thunderzord and Blue Ranger

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