Monday, March 6, 2017

More on Power Rangers Dino Force Brave

 At first I didn't know what to make of this South Korean production but after seeing some footage and the opening sequence, I am impressed. South Korea production company Daewon Animation will produce a 12-episode sequel series to Kyoryuger as Kyoryuger was dubbed as Power Rangers Dino Force. This is the first time South Korea makes their own production. They are not only cast new actors, have new villain suits, shooting new actor scenes, new fight scenes, but also zord battles. What didn't impressed me was re-colored suits and zords. But the opening sequence impressed me at the production value, looking like Sentai. I am not sure if Toei is in charge of the zord battle footage.

Brave Red Dino - Kim Seyong as Juyong Kwon 
Brave Black Dino - Hong Sungho as Hyeonjun Jeon 
Brave Blue - Oh Sehyun as Dino Sechang Kim  
Brave Green Dino - Lee Injun  as Pureun Lee 
Brave Pink Dino - Lee Yujin as Dohee Yun 
Brave Gold Dino - Lee Seyoung as Juhyeok Kwon 

The Stegosaurus now belongs to Black, called Stegotoup with a chainsaw. The Triceratops is now Blue and called Forekkera. The raptor is now pink and called Raptorax. Parasazier is the Parasaurus and green now. Even thought their helmets have not changed.

It's my own personal opinion but it would've been cool if they did new suits based on the other Zyudenchi (Dino Chargers) like Bandai America did with the zords. For Dino Charge and Dino Supercharge, Bandai America made new molds: Ammonite Zord and Archelon Zord. They also recolored a Raptor as a Oviraptor. Now the reason they probably didn't do this was to cut costs and just re-color existing suits and zords. Also, the Dino Charge franchise is owned by Saban. Daewon probably only licensed Toei and Bandai Japan. But it is curious that Daewon uses the 'Power Rangers' title. But Saban does not exclusively own the name 'Power Rangers' for certain regions. That is why it is labeled as 'Saban's Power Rangers.' Bandai and Toei has Super Sentai toy sales mixed with Power Rangers as 'Power Rangers' for international records. So do we consider this Sentai or Power Rangers? Now some people wonder why Saban hasn't made their own zord footage and it is because it is very expensive. They would have to commission it again like they did for Zyu 2. Saban hasn't done their own Zord footage since Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue. Disney did their own footage for SPD. Anyway I digress.

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StarTegoia87 said...

I Think it's great; I think Saban Brands should give Dino Force Brave a chance for
a Dino Charge sequel.