Sunday, October 22, 2017

Power Rangers Ninja Steel - The Adventures of Redbot - Episode Review

Levi is training in the base while Redbot is writing a blog about the Rangers. He says that they were fighting Trapsaw. They forget their Ninja Blasters and Redbot arrived and he defeated the monsters. Levi  says that did not happen. Levi saw he has followers. He kept all the Ranger secret identities secret. Levi says the truth and tells him that telling fibs just for fun might get him in trouble. Mick arrives saying a strange man is looking for him. 

The students see Redbot and Mick tell him he is a robot project. Dan, a publisher is happy to meet him, he told him he tracked his IP address. He wants to turn the blog into a book. Monty and Victor hear this. They tell him not to sign and they are his managers. Dan tells them no. The two cave in and sa he will take it. Cosmo Royale likes the blog, Galavanax sees this and is angry. Cat O Clock freezes Cosmo Royale and plans to steal the Power Stars from the Rangers. Cody is tied up and they have a press conference for Redbot in the school of all places. Redbot has been informed the books haven;'t arrived yet. Mick tells the Rangers they have to fight the monsters. The Rangers destroy the Bashers with their bikes. The Bashers are stopping the truck with Redbot's books. Cat O Clock freeze the books so when the Rangers touch them, they will freeze. 

The Rangers destroy the Bashers and the truck goes to the school. Levi's super fan gets her free book. Victor wants to tell a story but the super fan gets him to tell one. He tells one that happens during Levi's concert, an Earthquake happens. He fibs about what happened with the girl in it. Victors says it wasn't true. Victor adds even more lies about him and Monty being heroes. She calls him out that didn't happen. The crowd starts booing. The publisher wants to know the truth. Cat O Clock arrives and freezes everyone except for Redbot who was not effected. Cat O Clock plans to steal the Ninja Stars. 

Cody runs after the monster and Rebot unfreezes the Rangers. Levi and Redbot get on his bike to find Mary who is between a train track. The Rangers face the monster and morph and fight. The train is coming and Redbot flies off and rescues her. She realizes he saved her and she calls him a hero.  Cat O Clock was going to attack but they hold him down and attack him. They destroy him. He grows. They call the Megazords. 

 They call Rumble Tusk. They make the megazord. Gold arrives and they go Master Mode. Levi updates them on Levi. They blow the monster down. Brody does Ninja Master Blade and they destroy the monster with their Final Attack. Cosmo Royale is writing his own blog, with lies like Redbot. Galavanax finds out and is angry and blasts the computer and tells him he will join Cat O Clock. Back at school, the publisher tells them he is happy they are okay and wants to recycle the books. Redbot arrives and apologizes, saying the Power Rangers are the real heroes. Mary tells them to see the TV and they have footage of Redbot saving her. Everyone applauds. Mary and Redbot hug and everyone asks for his autograph. The Rangers ask Mick about Victor and Monty---they are still frozen and are snack holders.

It is insane Levi and Mick leave Redbot from the book publisher meeting. The bad guy plot is not so bad but him having a device is obvious the device will get destroyed. Also hilarious hearing the publisher say Internet IP address as I stands for Internet. 

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