Saturday, February 17, 2018

Power Rangers Super Ninja Steel - Making Waves - Episode Review

Episode Summary:
It is the Summer Cove Big Catch competition. The Rangers are there. Victor wants to get his 50th trophy. Hayley's dad has a diving drone and the teens put it in the water. Her dad is a marine biologist. Something malfunctions. Sarah's mom arrives and offers to fix it. She flirts with him. Hayley and Sarah doesn't like this. Doomwave has a tsunami machine in the water. Odius asks for it to activate but it doesn't because of the drone. Sarah's mom Jackie and Aaron have time to go on a date. In the auto shop, Hayley and Sarah say it is too weird for them to go on a date.  Sarah and Hayley sabotages it by telling them wrong ideas like rides that her dad hates and weird food Jackie doesn't like. Later on the date, he feeds her a grasshopper which she spit out.

They then go on a spinning ride which Aaron does not like. Hayley and Sarah go check on their parents. The boys work on the scrap metal the drone found and find out it is Odius' machine. They run off. The Rangers see Doomwave and the chick alien with the machine. The Rangers morph and fight. Monty made a bait for Victor which he does not like. Victor is pulled in. Mick throws away the drone. Hayley asks why. Jackie and Aaron will not work together anymore. Hayley and Sarah confess the truth. Mick says they should split up and figure it out. Hayley and Sarah say teamwork makes them strong. They realize their fault.

Aaron and Jackie arrive at the class and find the Power Rangers. They ask them to fix a drone. Sarah pleads with Jackie. Aaron says if it is important, they will work together. They start working again. Jackie asks Aaron if he is okay. They apologize. They think their daughters gave them bad advice. Jackie figures if her mom was dating her best friend's mom it would be weird too. They fix the drone. The Rangers thanks them and leave with the drone. Doomwave attacks them and Blue and Yellow try running away with it.  Gold and Red kick him away. Blue and Yellow send it off and Hayley switches it on. The drone lands as the remote is knocked out of Hayley's hands. Sarah gets the remote again. The tsunami machine begins to work. The drone fires a cannon. 

Mick made the Sub Surfer star an d sends it and it attaches to the drone. It makes it into a zord. Doomwave is big and in the ocean, it tries knocking out the zord. The zord becomes a robot with surfboard. Gold goes on it. It becomes a zord again and blasts it. The Megazord is called and the teens dons Super Steel mode. Sub Surfer ninja Megazord is made.Red calls the blaster. They blast Doomwave away in a blast. Later, the teens talk to Jackie and Aaron. Hayley and Sarah apologize. Victor claims he caught the fish but it was Monty in a costume. They are disqualified. 

Episode Review: 
I like the parents got highlighted in this episode. I like Mick makes it simple for the Rangers. Hayley and Sarah were acting selfish and didn't get called out for it by their parents. 

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