Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Hasbro's Beast Morphers efforts and updates

Thanks to The Power Scoop and other fans that have chronicled pictures of the Power Rangers Beast Morphers filmed in New Zealand. Filming for the second season began a few days ago. The first season was shot in Fall of 2018. Things observed have been the following...

Recreation of Monster suits
Beast Morphers adapts Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters (2012) so the costumes are old and some tattered. Word is that the monster suits did not do well so Hasbro spent money to have them reproduced. Many of the monster suits have been spotted being shot. 

Fifth Ranger Confirmation
The fourth and fifth rangers of Go-Busters are gold and silver. In Go-Busters, gold was human and silver was a robot. Because of shooting it has been confirmed Silver is indeed a robot as well as they cast Abraham Rodriguez as Gold. 

Dark Buster, a character that appeared briefly in Go-Busters, has been spotted being used earlier on. Also the stunt actor for the actor playing Blaze has been spotted wearing a morpher similar to the Dark Buster wrist changer. Also in a merchandise website, Dark Buster has been labeled as Blaze. Blaze will be in some of the merchandise. It is rare for an evil ranger who barely got merchandise in Japan to get in merchandise. In 1994, Green Ranger barely appeared in merchandise. Many sixth Rangers barely got merchandise, for example Gold Ranger, Green Samurai Ranger, White Dino Ranger, Solaris Knight, Gold Dino Charge and Gold Ninja Steel to name a few. Given that Gold and Silver appear later on, it is probably why Blaze will be in merchandise, much like Bat Ranger in Jungle Fury merchandise. 

New Power-Up
 As of today January 1, 2019 the Internet is buzzing about new photos of Red Beast Morpher Ranger in a new power up. In Go-Busters, the main trio receive Powered Custom power-ups. But this power up looks similar but different with a cheetah chest plate, round shoulder pads and red and silver wrist gauntlets. It is unknown if the other Rangers will receive it as well. I personally assume they will, this is probably for the second 'super' season. 

Lavender Ranger's Thoughts
I think it is good Hasbro is investing more money into the production. According to my friend who is a Hasbro fan, Hasbro hasn't been well known for spending a lot for Transformers animated series. But because Hasbro might lose the Marvel license soon, it is wise for Hasbro to invest more into Power Rangers. But for fans suspecting this would make the season better, more money and original footage doesn't always spell a successful season. I do have to say that it does seem promising. 

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James said...

I'm cautious considering how much of the previous Saban staff is still on, but optimistic. Hasbro's going to want a good return on their investment, so I imagine they'll be stricter with quality control.