Sunday, September 22, 2019

Power Rangers Beast Morphers – Thrills and Drills – Episode Review

Episode Summary:

Evox speaks to Skrozzle about the failures of Roxy and Blaze. Data will be collected of the three Rangers from a Robotron to upgrade them. Roxy has a plan. The five Rangers and Betty train at the Youth Center. Ben puts Betty on turbo mode on a treadmill and hilarity ensues. Ravi gets kicked in the face. He says he has a toothache. He doesn’t go to dentists. Flashback to dentist drill and Ravi shakes. Nate says he fears spiders. They get called. Roxy grabs a drill and makes a Robotron and places a chip on him. The Rangers arrive. Tronics are called. The Rangers morph. Roxy transforms and the two groups fight.

Ravi’s tooth hurts. The Rangers continue the battle. Roxy blows Gold and Silver away. The Robotron and Roxy go down a tunnel. The Rangers try to track them. Devon tells Ravi to see the Dentist. Betty and Ben take Ravi to the dentist. Ravi sees a woman in pain. He sees a man with a scary drill. Ben and Betty run off. Ravi does too. The dentist checks and the drill was a handyman. Zoey checks on her zord for the bad guys. Nate gets an idea and asks Ravi if he went to the dentist and he says no. Ravi goes on a  search with Nate and Steel in the storm drains. Nate bumps into a spiderweb and freaks out. They bump into Roxy and a Robotron. Yellow and Red get the Zords ready. The Robotron is drilling below. A spider crawls on Nate. Nate grabs the spider and sets it down and is proud of himself. They reach the base of the tower. Ravi and the brothers morph. Scrozzle releases a Gigadrone. Roxy, the Robotron, Silver, Gold and Blue burst from the ground and fight.

Ravi fights the Robotron and has a toothache. Ravi gets big biceps and brings down the Robotron and he collects the info on the chip. Roxy laughs and explains to Robotron. Red and Yellow don’t see the Gigadrone. They get shot from below. They figure the Gigadrone is underground. Roxy tells the Robotron to drain the tower. Blue fights Drilltron. Red calls Blue, he says he’s busy. Blue continues fighting Drilltron. He uses his Beast-X Blaster and destroys the Drilltron. Nate and Steel fight Tronics. Ravi and Smash deploy their zord. The three form Beast-X Megazord. They use Hyperstrike to take the Gigadrone out. They destroy the Gigadrone. The duo blast the villains but Roxy leaves. The five reunite. Ravi says if Nate can face his fear, he can too. He goes to the dentist. Roxy gives the chip to Scrozzle. She wants the upgrade but Blaze says they need three powers. Evox says it is Blaze’s turn. Ravi come s out to find the others and they are proud for him. Ravi spooks Nate with a fake spider and Nate wasn’t scared.

Good episode with a common child fear which is the dentist. I am surprised that in twenty-six years, dentistry has never been covered. 


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