Saturday, July 11, 2009

More Voting Results

I decided to end these polls because I think there is so far these polls could go.

Which Kamen Rider series should be adapted for the United States next?
The number one was 177 out of 565 voted for Kabuto, but you could vote more than once. Second picked was Faiz (555), which aired after Ryuki in 2003. The one people didn't like much was the most hated of all... Hibiki at 6%. I wrote KMDK accidentally instead of KRDK, meaning a second season of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight. It got 129 votes out of 565.

Do You Think Kamen Rider Will Get a Second Season in America?
Fans believe yes, it will get a second season. 363 out of 546. We still don't know if there will be a second season or series. Kamen Rider Dragon Knight has been licensed again for 2010 and a video game has been planned but no production of episodes have been ordered. It is still a mystery.

Would it be cool to have a female 'Decade' Rider the represents the 3 girl Kamen Riders?
This was made before the debut of Kamen Rider Amaki, it seems like there will be no new female Kamen Rider as Kamen Rider Decade is coming to an end and we are hearing more about Kamen Rider W. My heart swells in warmth to find out 222 out of 268 agree with me. We'll see, stranger things have happened, we didn't get word of Deka Bright back in 2004 and Kamen Rider Amaki wasn't mentioned either in early stages.

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