Monday, September 21, 2009

The Future of the Power Rangers 3: Clarifications

Okay, here are couple of confirmations, rumors and speculations...

There were rumors of an animated series, I do not know if it was true or not. I do not know if this illustration above is official or why it looks like a stamp. The picture comes from this YouTube post, link below. Because of the bizarre interpretation of Rita Repulsa, I think this is merely fan-made. Or maybe it was a proposal but wasn't accepted. There was two rumors for 15-minute pilots, one was a Mighty Morphin Power Rangers re-telling and the other was a series in the style of the Super Legends game with Doggie Kruger in charge of a team. These animated series have been dropped, they were not 'picked up.' They will not air on television ever. I say it like this, because many stupid people need to be told repeatedly.
Confirmation: Animated Series NOT Happening.
Possibility on Happening in 2010: 1 out of 100
Possibility on happening in the future: Who knows

Now, why go animated? Rumor is that Disney wanted control of the Power Rangers property. With how it is now and traditionally, they have to share money with Toei, Bandai and Plex (which designs everything). Disney wants to design and make everything. This is the main reason Disney has stopped production on Power Rangers, they wanted to be control of everything and Toei did not want to let them. The rumor is that Toei did not approve of the animated series, because it would cut them out the equation.
Confirmation: A new Live-Action Power Rangers series will not air in 2010. I do not know about later on.
Possibility on a new live-action series in 2010: 1 out of a million
Possibility of new live-action series in the future: 40 to 60%

Now the new rumor according to Morphin Heroes, supposedly when Power Rangers RPM ends, Disney will re-air Mighty Morphin Power Rangers season 1, 're-mastered' on ABC Kids. What that means is that it will have 'better quality' and be edited to adhere to FCC regulations. There are things that were excusable back in 1993 that were not these days. And that is concerning, since in 1993, syndication was more lenient than network TV, hence why VR Troopers had more violence. And last I heard, Disney owned the rights to the Power Rangers brand but not the old music, Haim Saban owns the music and background music. That is why when the Black Ranger (Adam) appear in Operation Overdrive, he had different background music than the MMPR kind. So Disney might have to replace the music as well. Now, why are they doing this? To my understanding, it could be to cash into nostalgia and re-introduce MMPR to a younger audience. MMPR re-aired on ABC Family in America back from 2003 (let me know if that's correct) to 2005 but that was part of a special contract.
Rumor: MMPR will re-air.
Possibility on happening: 50/50

UPDATE 5/13/10
MMPR 're-version' aired in 2010 on ABC, with the same music, just visual 'enhancements' that fans consider to be inspired by comic books. And as of May 12, Saban regain Power Rangers from Disney and in 2011, new episodes will air on Nickelodeon.

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Mark said...

Well, by Power Morphicon, everything will be cleared up.

Lavender Ranger said...

if it is even allowed to be cleared up.

Mark said...

Oh, right. Disney. Johnny Yong Bosh couldn't say anything about Once a Ranger last time(but it slipped...several times), so I doubt anyone can say anything about future developments. Maybe we'll see that PR Documentary, though.

Anonymous said...

Disney owns the Pokemon movies (since 4ever)! how come they wont give that upto. because i doubt they get alot from that especially since it does ot even air on Disney-owned channels