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Pre-Images of Super Sentai

UPDATED 12/7/12 
2000 Timeranger
This is the first preview we got to Timeranger, I doctored this pic a bit back when, I couldn't find the original picture. But I doctored out the kanji out long ago. The first news came in December. Spoilers and stuff weren't that rampant back when.

2001 Gaoranger
The first pic was shadowed of the five facing forward. Couldn't find it. There were rumblings but no real spoilers, I don't recall exactly when confirmation came. But it had to be between November-December.

2002 Hurricanger
I think we had one blurry pic of Hurricane Red first. And then later we got this scan. Spoilers and rumblings came around November.

2003 Abaranger
The first pic (above, provided by Gold Samurai of Rangerboard) was a sketch of the three and many people thought it was fake. This was like the second and the third was one of the cast and fourth was on about the stageshow meet and greet event with the four actors. This around the time Matt (Dukemon22) started supplying rumors and spoilers from Japanese forums.

2004 Dekaranger
Couldn't find the first pic, I think it was a group shot for the toys. I don't recall but I do know it was originally called Sienger. People were okay with the costumes, some weren't nuts about the numbers though. This pic above is provided from Gold Samurai of Rangerboard. Spoilers and rumors started as early as October.

2005 Magiranger
I remember there was a sketch at first but I couldn't find it but this was the first official confirmation. I remember fans didn't believe it. I think there also was a blurry pic of MagiRed kicking out there. The third was the live-action Magiranger with the Majin and MagiKing behind. Spoilers and Rumors came around the fall and early rumblings was a normal animal was going to be a mythical creature.

2006 Boukenger
I really don't remember the first pic we saw. Maybe this was it? I don't recall. People were cool with the costume designs. Rumors began in August, saying it was an insect theme.

2007 Gekiranger
I remember this was the first pic of all three together, and fans were angry with the no belt, nobody liked it at first. Ha, no belt, no service. Rumors began as early as March but confirmations by October. Early rumors was that it was going to be planet-inspired and the second team was a male (in black) and female (in pink). Partially came true but the male and female duo turned out to be the villains and pink was green (Mele).
We did get this sketch before, also provided by Gold Samurai.

2008 Go-Onger
This was the first picture we got and nobody liked the helmets, many said it looked like a rehash of other helmets. Confirmations on the title came in October.
-First mention of "Go-onger" name on October 27th 2007
-1st toy catalog cover on December 6th 2007
-Go-Onger cast revealed in promo video on December 29th 2008
-Go-Onger press conference on January 19th 2008

2009 Shinkenger
I remember fans being happy more or less with the illustrations. There were mumbles that they looked like Ohranger helmets but everyone was happy. Rumors and Spoilers began in August. Two rumored titles were Toushi Sentai Gunbaranger (Fighting Spirt Taskforce Gunbaranger) or Gowa Sentai Starranger.

-Series name license revealed on October 2nd 2008
-Leaked concept art of ShinkenOh and Shinkenger team on November 19th
- 1st quarter toy catalog for Shinkenger on December 8th
-Cast confirmed and newspaper flier released on December 27th
-Press conference photos posted on February 2nd 2009
An early sketch in 2008 said to be an early sketch for the 2009 Super Sentai, could be preliminary design for Shinkenger.

2010 Goseiger
Title confirmed in September and the picture above was revealed in early of December of 2009.
-Press flyer revealed on December 3rd 2010
-Toy catalog cover on December 6th
-1st quarter toy catalog on December 9th
-Rumored cast becomes the official cast on December 30th
-Cast confirmed on January 1st

These were the rumored sketches in September of 2009, it was debunked around November.

2011 Gokaiger
The title was confirmed in early of September of 2010. We did get this early sketch in September as well, but it resembled the other sketches from 2009 that were not the final designs.

-Series name license revealed on September 9th 2010
-Press flyer revealed on December 2nd 2010
-1st toy catalog pictures released on December 6th
-The rumored cast turned out to be correct on December 22nd 2010

We got this quick sketch from an insider.

We first saw this picture December 1st late night (December 2nd afternoon in Japan). The first drawing we got in September is somewhat similar with minor details that the undershirt is black and the cuffs are silver and boot cuff is different but same basic idea.

 2012 Go-Busters 
The one above is the "leaked" image for Tokumei Sentai Go-Busters on November 6th. But the final product we saw was in December 1st right below. This is the first image we saw of the final designs.
-Go-buster's series title confirmed on September 9th 2011
-Go-buster's 1st toy catalog is leaked on December 1st 2011
-Go-buster's press flier is revealed on December 1st 2011
-Rumor of cast on November 28th
-Go-buster cast confirmed and newspaper flier on December 31st 2011
-Last week of January 2011 and the press conference/stage show/toy exhibit\bouquet handover from past team

2013 Kyouryuger
On November 6, 2012 we got the first leaked image. We already knew it was dinosaur related in September.

Blurry image came up December 6th and then some catalog pics December 7th.

Of course I must note that many other people have supplied news, spoilers, pics, and etc. other than Dukemon22.


Dizzy said...

So when do we get to see preview images of the next Sentai?

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Unknown said...

It is fun to see how we were joked with a HQ picture last year and such random sketches like abaranger and gekiranger turned out to be true... And... The rumors about goukaiger ma,e me belive that they will not have own suits, but maybe goranger as standard... Who knows? Well... Toei does! Hahaha

Anonymous said...

Didn't early rumors said that Gekiranger were supposed to be based on the Five Animals?!?

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doug.glassman said...

I think every year, people think that the next Sentai will be insect-themed. It was always that or pirates, and we already got that one.