Saturday, September 19, 2009

Power Rangers RPM - Episode 24 - "Ancient History"

Episode Summary

Tenaya and the two robot generals go through the rubble of Alphabet Soup, looking for something useful. Crunch picks up a Red Ranger helmet (that is basically the Operation Overdrive one). She plugs into a drive and gets info on a mountain with info and discarded stuff. She returns with news to Venjix but the new general Kilobyte is already on it, thanks to Shifter. She is really peeved at Shifter, saying he made a big gamble. Meanwhile with our heroes, Flynn and Ziggy play billiards. The alarm rings and they have detected 'excavation' in the mountains. The twins say there is discarded technology. Dr. K says its junk but she is concerned, she tells the gang to destroy it all.

Corporal Hicks and his team has already going through some stuff. The Rangers find the opening to a cave. The digging bot has dug through. The Rangers find him and confront him. Rocks clear and a dragon-like train is engraved into the rock. Venjix makes the robot big. The Zenith Megazord fights it and use the Road Attack Zord. The train is activated and comes to help them. It attacks them too. It is a mammoth, a triceratops and a tyrannosaurus. It attacks the baddie again, the baddie retreats and the three zords retreat as well, leaving the Rangers shocked. (Basically this is the entire Go-Onger episode 32 mushed into 3 minutes)

After the commercials, Hicks gives Truman the hard drive laptop and it is Dr. K talking to Venjix, saying he is too dangerous to let out. Truman is very mad. The Rangers return to Dr. K asking what the locomotive thing is. The twins say it is called the Paleozord. Dr. K says it is uncontrollable. The guards come in and tells them to freeze. Mason tells Dr. K is arrested for treason. Scott says not to arrest her. Hicks tries to grab her but she is a hologram, saying she anticipated Truman coming to arrest her. Scott says arresting her is 'not going to bring anyone back.' Dr. K seems to be on a loop, like a recording, but no, she is doing this live and when the guards leave, she reveals she is in a remote location.

The Rangers go out to look for the Paleozord, or how Dillon calls it, a giant dinozord. They encounter the digging robot and the Grinders and of course a fight ensues. They then morph. Red then fights the bot. They look up and the Paleozord has returned. The bot attacks it and is run over. Red jumps on it and hangs on to it. He flies off it and unto rubble. Meanwhile Dr. K walks in her white robe and sees herself in a 'wanted' video clip. A man identifies her and conveniently located guards chase her. Dr. K still orders the others. She seems to split up and the guards chase the multiple Dr. Ks, she says she is everywhere.

After the commercials, Mach Megazord and ValveMax Megazord fight for some unknown reason as Yellow and Blue watch. Mason watches as the guards chase after her. Hicks tells him that there are dozens of her. Mason looks at the cameras and then at the Corinth tower. Blue and Yellow see the robot and it has grown again and attacks the two zords. Mason arrives to his office to find Dr. K and threatens her with his gun. Ziggy tells them he needs her help. Dr. K asks Mason if 'she is there.' The zords split up and the Rangers go down. Blue and Yellow call their zords but go down. Red says he is on the way. Dr. K asks her if he is going to arrest her. He looks at the picture of his son. She says they all make mistakes they regret, she says they have to move on, she says if they can go back in time, she would undo it. He asks if she can help them, she says it is all she can do.

Dr. K helps them with the Paleozord. Red jumps up at the robot and is knocked down. Mason asks if she was born in a laboratory and she says basically she was thanks to 'his' public government. Paleozord arrives and hits the foe and then splits into three. Red jumps in and pilots the Mammoth one. He transforms it into Paleomax Megazord and destroys the bot. The Rangers celebrate from below. Meanwhile, Tenaya says Shifter to watch his back. The Rangers worry Scott's dad has taken Dr. K, Mason arrives with Dr. K and says he has granted her a full pardon. Dr. K says she has to debrief her team. Mason leaves. Ziggy and Dr. K are alone and Ziggy pokes her, to check if she is real. She scares him with another hologram.

Episode Review
Great episode! Really smart, complex, funny and just overall well executed. Awesome character development as well! Now does everyone have confidence in Judd's abilities to take over the reigns of Eddie? The stalling of Dr. K reminds of Mac's stalling in Operation Overdrive. It seems this episode has two references to Operation Overdrive. It seems the three zords are referred to as 'Paleozord.' The reason the two megazords fought in Go-Onger was to call out the robot.

Next week there will not only one new episode but two new episodes. I will be very busy that weekend because of family stuff, so most likely I will upload the first episode on Saturday morning and the second one Sunday night at the least. We'll see.


Mark said...

Is it just me or does Dr. K's storyline seem like Liveman? She's represents Blue, Red, and Yellow and Gem and Gemma(slightly) resemple Green and Black's siblings.

Anonymous said...

Muchisimas Gracias x subir el episodio en el youtube..!! No te preocupes; en verdad es mucho lo que haces subiendo los episodios(y soportando personas que no captan,ni tienen idea lo dificil de subir videos en la internet..)
En verdad lo unico que me gustaria saber es(disculpa aqui yo tambien de gorroza)es que si podrias solo poner el resumen de los episodios ya que yo trabajo los sabados y tan agradecida estoy contigo x poner los resumenes de los episodios(motivo,razon que antes de irme leo el resumen gracias a tu blog..) y ya con eso me conformo en verdad y tan agradecida x eso tambien lo estoy en verdad creeme..solo espero con anciedad que Power Rangers RPM llegue pronto a mi canal de disney XD(MX)..!!
Te agradesco mucho todo lo que haces x todos nosotros y aquellos que miramos los episodios x Utube..!!

Mil Gracias nuevamente...!!!

Lavender Ranger said...

Tu lo quieres en Espanol?

Anonymous said... como crees.!! agradezco tu consideracion de preguntarme si me gustaria leerlo en españ neta asi al chile no no gracias yo entiendo ingles(lo unico es que no se escrbirlo bien y hablarlo..) Tal como lo haces,escribes y trabajas con los episodios es mas que suficiente... Asi que no te preocupes que esta todo bien asi...muchas gracias por poner mi comentario y nuevamente...gracias(se que te agradezco mucho pero es lo unico que puedo decirte(ya que eres una linda buena persona..que nos aguanta aunque pongamos mucho gorro..) y solo ser sinceramente contigo..asi que Mil Gracias..!!