Friday, September 18, 2009

Results to two polls

What do you come to this blog the most for?
Power Rangers 71 out of 192
Super Sentai 32 out of 192
Kamen Rider (US) 19 out of 192
Kamen Rider (Japanese) 16 out of 192
All of Above 54 out of 192

Basically, the majority of people come here for Power Rangers and the second reason is everything else. The least reason is for Kamen Rider, the original version from Japan.

What would you rather have?
Female Red Ranger 84 out of 186 votes
Female Green Ranger 37 out of 186 votes
Female Black Ranger 33 out of 186 votes
Male Pink Ranger 32 out of 186 votes

Basically everyone wants a female Red Ranger. The least anyone wants is a male Pink Ranger. And not surprisingly, people rather have a female Green Ranger than a female Black Ranger.

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