Thursday, September 17, 2009

2010 Sentai Rumors and Speculations #2

Tensou Sentai Goseiger
(Rumored illustration above, unknown if is legitimate or official.)
Dukemon says Toei has copyright to this name Goseiger. 10/07/09 11pm EST update: Copyright for title is official. "The copyright is legit, but the actual copyright page has not listed it yet (meaning it might only be a temp name.) Until this happens, we have to wait. Though, the name Goseiger and the animals being reminiscent of Dairanger's is interesting. However, the name is not Tenjou Sentai. I believe it is to be read as: Tensou, meaning Transfer, is a common term card-game wise, i think."
"Some of the cards themselves will not be of the same thickness as the Ganbaride Cards. They'll be a lot thicker, and will be able to play sounds by themselves, along the lines of the Enjin Souls and Gaia Memories. Some of the cards will either be the henshin devices, or activate them."
  • The core team will be of three (Red, Blue, Yellow) and two (like Go-onger). The secondary team is composed of Green and Pink. I believe Yellow will be male, take this with a grain of salt, nothing is written in stone right now. We still have four months to go and the most changes occur in december.
  • Green and Pink's mecha are not known, but Red maybe a Dragon, Blue could be a Unicorn and Yellow maybe a bird of some kind.
  • The first robot will be Red's Dragon, which can transform into a robot on its own, much like in Dairanger. Red's monster seems to be called "SutsuDragon" (Suit Dragon).
  • Blue's Unicorn and Yellow's bird will be able to transform into a Pegasus, sold as a set of course. The three of course will unite.
  • The mecha are able to hold the corresponding cards of the rangers. The three-robot will have cards displayed on its chest and shoulders
  • Red is the leader of a group of rangers, rebelling against the invasion forces of the home planet, (the other, villain rangers), which seek to conquer the Earth. He has been given "Earthling Blood" mysteriously.
  • Blue and Red had originally fought for the title of leader, and Red won. There will be definite rivalry between them.
  • Yellow has control over a "Pod/Base" which the rebels were able to escape to Earth in.
  • Green is also a dissenter (rebel) from the villains, but his reasons for doing so are less than positive.
  • Pink is Red's sister, and also dissents from the villains. "Since they're brother and sister, and Pink is supposed to be older. Also, please take everything with a grain of salt. We're still not close enough to the end of year for this info to be trusted completely." -Dukemon22
  • The rangers, besides Red, cannot exist in Earth's atmosphere for a long period of time, without transforming. They need to return to the "Pod" regularly. (Reminds Dukemon22 of Alien Rangers hehe.)
  • Pink, in the style of Vancuria and Trey, can split into twins. Dukemon22 (Matt) believes the other twin is allied to the villains.
  • Green's monster will be a Cobra-like monster. His personal weapon is a CobraRod.
UPDATED 9/23/09
Photoshop above, not sure if Green and Pink will be different in style. Nobody is 100% if Yellow will remain male or female.

UPDATED 9/28/09
It is said Pink doesn't have a regular twin, that she has a split-personality, much like Vancuria with Nai and Mea. She will split into two people with different personalities. It is still not clear if the second person is still going to be part of the villains.

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Dizzy said...

Sounds like a mix of Kamen Rider, Dairanger, Go-Onger, I missing anything?

Regardless, I'll be watching. :)

I recall rumours saying the season was going to be Kamen Rider sized, meaning it would only be 25-30 episodes in length. Any truth to that?

RFyleCreatorAnimator said...

So you’re saying that Blue and Yellow are both male rangers like in Sun Vulcan? One Female on the team of 5 again?

Anonymous said...

I've seen another different pic of these "rumored" 2010 sentai images. The red ranger is like having a "kabuto" motiff, it has more on red (respective color), black and has lesser whites.

I guess there's a lot of "draft" designs that were leaked huh?

Mark said...

Even though Yellow is thought to be male, isn't it possible that blue is female? I mean, it's the UNICORN. Sentai isn't exactly an equal opperptunity superhero group. Every sentai gives the female the most effeminate, and useless, mecha. Red gets a Hawk? Blue gets a Swallow. Red gets a Phoenix? Pink gets a Fairy. Red gets a Lion? Pink gets a turtle.

Either way, I like the idea. I just don't like the suits. They look like every tokusatsu BUT Super Sentai. Either way, I want this Sentai now and don't care as long as