Sunday, September 20, 2009

RPM---No Teamup, Battlizer nor New Rangers--get used to ti!

On YouTube, where I post the episodes of RPM, I keep reading comments like "I hope Tenaya is Ranger #6, there is a Ranger missing for #6, I hear there will be three new Rangers, when is the teamup?, where is Red Ranger's Battlizer?"

No Teamups
It is all about the budget. Disney barely wanted to make this season. The first Executive producer Eddie went over budget, and anyway, I don't think a teamup was in plans. This is the same reason there was no teamup for Mystic Force nor Jungle Fury--no money! Also some fans believe RPM is not in the same continuity as past seasons. The closest to a teamup is seeing a Jungle Karma Pizza chain inside Corinth. Besides, RPM doesn't really give room for a teamup since it is set in a post-apocalyptic future, it would take a whole episode to explain where all the other Rangers are. It's better they aren't mentioned.
5% likely from happening

No Battlizer
Again, Budget. Not going to happen, if it hasn't happen already, it won't. It hasn't been mentioned in the episode descriptions and they have been very accurate. There are four last episodes that have no description nor title revealed yet, but there hasn't ever been a Battlizer introduced in the last four episodes. Usually battlizers are revealed in Japanese scans, not in these pics.
15% likely from happening

No New Rangers
Triceratops, T-Rex, and Mammoth Rangers toys were made for RPM, they are based on Paleozord, the three zords recently premiered on the series. No mention of the three Rangers are on the episode summaries. It is highly unlikely they will appear. I recently found out from one of my sources, that Bandai America pay for Ranger-exclusive non-Sentai stuff like Battlizers and bikes and the Spirit Rangers. The Jungle Fury Spirit Rangers took the place of the Battlizer for Jungle Fury.
5% likely from happening

#6 and #9
There are no missing Rangers. Gator and Whale are un-manned, they don't need an operator. I am surprised RPM fans don't understand this. It's fun to make up Rangers but don't expect it on a show. If you didn't know, the zords spoke in Go-Onger and the Engines had their own personalities. #6 (Carrigator), #9 (Jumbow-hale), and the last three #10, #11, and #12 had no 'partner'/Ranger, they are special. It's the Engines who the numbers belong to, not to the Rangers.
0% likely from happening

A series don't need all this stuff to be a cool Power Rangers season.


Mark said...

Speaking of the future, what's all this stuff about Power Rangers Animated?

Lavender Ranger said...

Mark, it was but it isn't anymore.

RFyleCreatorAnimator said...

Use that picture. Please.
Orange Ranger

Cobalt Ranger