Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hero Profile: Suit Magne of Bioman

Sean Akizuki peaked my interest with his post on his blog about extra ranger prototypes. I had no idea about this guy. Yatori, a character introduce in Episode 35 & 36 and never mentioned again. He was a warrior who won over Jun (Yellow Four) & the bad guys experimented on with electro-shockwaves. He went against the team and turned back by Jun. Hikaru Kurosaki (thanks to Hawling, I badly translated the name), who at the time was 23 years old, played Yatori.

He was a goofy character, he was strong but was bumbling too. In the end of the episofe, he asked Jun to marry, which she refused but there seem signs she would later on. The episode is now available on YouTube but I dunno for how long, it is dubbed in English but by a foreign country. The other ones mentioned I knew about (plus he used my sites pictures!--which is fine, hes an ally). I would consider the Mask X-1 as a sixth ranger as the Super Sentai Encloypedia of 2006 did so.

グネ戦士 / 山守正太:黒崎輝

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Hallwings said...

Just so you know, the actor's name is actually Hikaru Kurosaki, not Akira Kurosaki.

And more importantly, several months after appearing in Bioman, Kurosaki would go on to play Juspion in the Metal Hero series of the same name.

Sean Akizuki said...

Hikaru Kurosaki is also married to Yuko Asuka, the woman who played Farrah.