Friday, April 30, 2010

Inter-Hero Romance in Super Sentai

I am missing many and many, let me know in the comments and I will add them. I am not talking about some vague hints of romance, like let's say for example, Mako and Takeru or Ran and Retsu.

Sakurai/Space Ace and Karen/Heart Queen


Riki/Red Turbo and Haruna/Pink Turbo


Kaori and Ryou
They got married by the end. Probably because the two were in love in the real life. Because they were romantically involved before the series, did get married and have two children.


Lin's Potential Romances
It was hinted upon that Ryou and Lin might have attraction with each other. But no real evidence. In the finale, it was shown Lin had a picture of Kou, fans believed they might have married but no other evidence.


Shun/Megablue and Miku/Megapink

Tatsuya and Yuuri
A largely hinted-upon romance that went throughout the season, they never kissed--just like their PR counterparts Jen and Wes, but there was no fiance, but Yurri was hurt by her parents' murder and there was the division of time she understood.

Nanami and Isshu
Even though Isshu was under a love spell in one episode, it was highly obvious by the end of the episode that he had real feelings for her. This was not touched upon, but there were hints... near the finale when the Hurricanger thought the Goraijer were dead, Nanami screamed out Isshu's name alone. And in the Abaranger vs. Hurricanger teamup, they were together in Spain.

Ban and Mari Gold
Ban fell hard for Mari in the Dekaranger movie. In Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, he showed a sticker picture of her on his SP License.

Sen-chan and Umeko
was in episode 46 when a false suitor (Alienizer Matthew) came to Umeko that Sen's real feelings started to pour out for her. This really made Sen angry and so did Umeko that they worked as a team to defeat him for good. At the end of the episode, the two admitted their feelings. In the movie, they temporarily were apart because Sen forgot their date, they did come back together again afterwards. In Magiranger vs. Dekaranger, it was mentioned that it was obvious that they were in love.

Miyuki and Isamu
Ah, the eternal romance of marrieds. Miyuki held out hope her husband would return. When Wolzard came around, he seemingly killed her but there was love in there and he sent her to a safe place... or he thought. Anyway, in the end they were reunited.

Hikaru and Urara
Urara kissed the frog and he became a handsome man, but other than that, there was not much romance, it all reminded under the lines. It was finally revealed by Episode 47, when they got married.

Sakura and Akashi
Heavily hinted upon, Sakura hid her feelings but much of the team knew it, maybe Akashi was oblivious of it. Maybe he knew it. Sakura ended up going with him into space and ended up being possessed. She still didn't fully admitted her feelings in Gekiranger vs. Boukenger.

Natsuki and Masumi
There so some attraction, at first it seemed like brother and sister kind of relationship. Natsuki was more like a child at the beginning. Masumi denied anything going on. But she was able to pierce through the darkness, how couldn't she with that happy light she embodies.


Rio and Mele
Mele loved Rio unconditionally, Rio never admitted it... until maybe it was too late.

Sosuke and Miu
Hinted upon but they never went out on a date. Miu wanted to shake her feelings, she didn't want to admit it. Sosuke maybe never realized it. Only Hiroto, Saki and BearRV knew apparently. It was not touched upon in the finale or Go-Onger vs. Gekiranger nor the recent Shinkenger vs. Go-Onger


Sean Akizuki said...

What about Natsuki and Inou? It seems the two are a couple. Read this blog entry:

Light and Darkness, Inou Masumi and Natsuki Mamiya

Hallwings said...

I read that Goro Sakurai (Spade Ace) and Karen Mizuki (Heart Queen) fell in love with each other towards the end of JAKQ Dengekitai.

Anonymous said...

Re. Natsuki and Inou: Inou's actor (Saito Yasuka) allegedly described the relationship in an interview as Natsuki being "a daughter (Inou) wants to protect", so maybe not.

Here are some other inter-hero Sentai romances:

Pink Turbo and Red Turbo (Turboranger)

NinjaWhite and NinjaRed (Kakuranger) -- They're not an official couple but they were suspiciously "close", much like the Ryou and Lin or Natsuki and Inou examples

MegaBlue and MegaPink, MegaYellow and MegaBlack (Megaranger)

GingaPink and BullBlack (Gingaman)

AbareBlue and Emily (Abaranger)

The Jetman manga sequel hinted at Blue Swallow x Green Eagle (a new character to replace Gai) but it's not part of the TV canon. Gaoranger had Tetomu and White as potential love interests for Silver, I don't know if you would count that as "vague hints of romance" or more like the Dairanger examples?

Unknown said...

Daigo and Amy in Kyoryuger are romantically linked, and it's even revealed that they have grandchildren.