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Citizens that know the identity of the Super Sentai (70's-90's)

I tried to put as many as I could get, but I need help, I didn't see all the episodes, so I don't know if there are any others. Not sure about Megaranger, there was a boy who framed MegaPink and she thought it was her identity but it wasn't.

Arashiyama Misa
Sun Vulcan, 1981
The Commander's daughter. she transformed into "Shiro Bara Kamen" - white rose maskshe.

Sean Akizuki says there was a kid in episode 12 who knew the Biomen's identity. Yatori in episodes 35-36 who knew of the Biomen's identity; Dr. Man's son who knew of their identity and Red One's father. No pictures.

Sean Akizuki says Ryu's grandmother figured out he was a Jetman. Ryu had a friend who knew he was a Jetman later on.

Jetman, 1991
Kaori's butler practically raised her, it was he that encouraged her to go out and save her friends. Also, Ako's friend who discovered her identity as a Jetman.

Ru and Duran
They were from another dimension, discovered the identity of the Jetman but were used by the Vyram to fight against the Jetman.

Kanna, Dan, and Rei
They are the last of Dimensia, a world destroyed by Vyram. They chased Vyram to Earth with Jet Garuda.


Satosh, Euro and Eri who knew of their secret identities. Don't have pictures. Apelo Tribe Prince Euro was determined to redeem his people, being the only one of them who knows the eggs' location. Also Michi, the girl who faced Dora Arglos (Eye Guy) saw Dan transform in front of her.

Dairanger, 1993
He was technically DaiMugen but he had forgotten and was 'human citizen.' He knew the identity of the Dairanger.

Kou and Akomaru's Mother
Kou and Akomaru's mother was married to Shaddam. She helped her sons. She knew the identity of the Dairanger.

Roudoshi Guhon and Shoukyou
Lin's great grand-uncle and Kaku's mentor, he gives the team Dairinken, Super Chi Power Bazooka, and placed the Byakoshinken in stone.

Bun, Tarou and Jirou
Kakuranger, 1994
A Youkai who despises the Youkai way and has been helping Hakamenrou. His two guarddog German Shepards were actually twin human ninjas.

He was the one who trained Jiraiya in the way of the ninja. Gali had an agreement with a Youkai to save his daughter who had been killed in a car accident.

Punishment Sailor Sisters
A fighting trio once composed of Tsuruhime and her friends Yukiyo, and Tsukiyo.

Radietta Fanbelt
Carranger, 1996
She was a big fan of Carranger and dressed as White Racer.

Haruhiko & Yuuta Aoyama
Gingaman, 1998
A writer of children's stories, Haruhiko let the Gingaman stay at his ranch. Haruhiko's son, Yuuta didn't believe the legend until he witnesses the birth of the 133rd Gingaman.

Suzuko Mizusawa
Gouki fell in love with young Yuuta's homeroom teacher Suzuko. He transformed in front of her.

A gemstone fell from the sky and made Gingat small. Yuuko was a motherless girl whose father was working overseas. She didn't want to give Gingat up. Yuuko then realized Gingat was much needed for battle and the gemstone was broken, so Gingat was restored.

Mizuki Kido
Mizuki Kido, Matsuri's dear friend, who had been injured and looked to be crippled. An accident with the monster of the week transferred Matsuri's powers to her.

Kyoko Hayase
A shuttle pilot who is Shou's superior. When the GoGo V rescue her shuttle from a tornado, she is able to recognize Shou's voice and thus discovers their identities. She wanted to join the GoGo V but couldn't because their dad only designed the team for five people. She occasionally helped them out. She got to be a heroine in the movie.

Tatsuya's father Wateru Asami
Timeranger, 2000
Same situation as Wes and his father in Time Force.

Honami is a reporter who had a crush on Time Yellow, Domon has a crush on her but sadly she believed Ayase is Time Yellow. She took pictures of their true identities but ultimately kept them to herself.Homani has a child named Domon Junior by the end.


Sean Akizuki said...

In Bioman we have a kid in episode 12 who knew the Biomen's identity, we have Yatori in episodes 35-36 who knew of the Biomen's identity as well as Dr. Man's son who knew of their identity as well as Red One's father.

In Jetman, Ryu's grandmother figured out he was a Jetman and the red ranger to be precise. I think Ryu had a friend who knew he was a Jetman later on.

Sean Akizuki said...

Super Sentai Rangers' Relatives- If you're looking for pictures of Ryu Tendo's grandmother. BTW Ryu's friend in Jetman was played by the actor who played as Change Dragon.