Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Evil Daddies and Major Hero Daddies

UPDATED 6/19/10
Father's Day is not until Sunday, but since I did this for Mother's Day, here are fathers (Super Sentai and Power Rangers) that belong to the good and bad sides.

Yamato and the Black Knight
Geki's adoptive father at the left and Geki and Burai's real father to the right.

He became a father at the end of Zyuranger.

Chou Ryou TetsumenpiI forgot! I forgot about Ryu's father, he betrayed the Dai tribe and went to the Gorma, he even killed his four teammates.

OMG! I forgot Shadam! The leader of the Gorma trio, father to twins, one good (Kou) and one bad (Akomaru). This was one bad ass dude, he turned out to be made of mud. It wasn't clear if his mud copy did the 'nasty' with Kou's mom or his real self did before he died. Or how he tricked Kou's mom and it had to be 9 or 11 years prior to the series.

DaiMaiou / Master Vile
DaiMaiou is the father of Gasha and Master Vile is the father of Rita and Rito. DaiMaiou killed his son. Master Vile let his daughter, son-in-law and brood live with him when they were under attack in Zeo. Vile didn't approve of Zedd marrying Rita. Vile was destroyed in the wave of Zordon.

Tsurihime's father Hakamenrou first appeared in episode 31. He worked with the Youkai hoping to find Daimaou's weakness. When he found out, he was turned into stone but was restored at the end of the series.

Bacha-Rage/King Mondo
Bacha-Rage is the father to Buldont. King Mondo had two sons. Bacha-Rage died before he could see Buldont's adult form. Bacha-Rage had a competition with his son. King Mondo had friendly competition with his sons. He was destroyed in the wave of Zordon.

Kaiser Buldont
Kaiser Buldont and Buldont were the same person, but Prince Gasket was the first born of two. Buldont had a kid in Ohranger, that was raised by Acha and Kocha.

Professor Mondo
Mondo was a shifty character, he created GoGoV and was their ally but then revealed he was their father. His methods could be questioned.

Captain Mitchell
Father of Ryan and Dana, two Power Rangers. He had to suffer in seeing Diabolico taking his own son. He was very protective of Dana and trusted her a lot.

Mutant father of Nadira, he let his own personal feelings get over how he felt for his daughter but then came to common sense. He luckily got cured and was able to help the Rangers.

Mugensai Hinata
The Hurricanger's sensei who becomes a hamster and is stuck that way because he claims he has forgotten a word in the spell to turn him back.

Ikki Kasumi
The Goraijer's father. He pitted his sons against themselves. He was assumed dead, he was only seen in flashbacks.

Sensei (Kanoi)
He was born a twin but when his brother betrayed him and became Lothor, he no longer considered him a brother. He cared a lot about his son Cam and didn't want him to become a Ranger because of the promise he made to his wife.

Anton Mercer
Anton was Trent, the White Ranger's adoptive father and he made it clear, that his Mr. Hyde alter-ego Mesogog was not Trent's father in any form.

He became a father, only for one episode.

Leanbow (Koragg) / Isamu (Wolzard)
Oops! I keep forgetting more fathers! Dang, there is more daddies than mommies. Before Mystic Force, a friend of mine (Jill Sylvan) complained that there weren't enough good mothers in Power Rangers, that most of the focus went to fathers. Leanbow and Isamu were both caring fathers that sacrificed themselves to save their families and were turned evil, but still cared about their spawn. They were both turned back to good by their families and in the end died and were resurrected by vampires.

Andrew Hartford
Not technically a father, well not biologically. He had 'no time' to find a woman and settle down so he built his own son Mac.

Lord Zedd
In Operation Overdrive, it was revealed that Lord Zedd had a son named Thrax.

Also forgot about Jan's dad in Gekiranger, who played an important part in the whole Rio/Jan thing. Played by the legendary Kenji Oba. Dan appeared in a couple of eps, Rio thought he killed Dan, but it was Ron who soften him up a bit before. Dan's spirit was used for the monster later known in PR was Whiger.

Mason Truman
Father of Scott. The usual tough as nails daddy, who mourned his favorite son and was hard on the other left behind, of course, until the finale.


Anonymous said...

You forgot to list Shaddam (Ko and Akomaru's father) and Zhang Liao (Ryo's father), both from Dairanger.

I'm not sure if you're looking to list one-off characters as well, but there's also the Yamato (Geki's adoptive father) and the Black Knight (his real father), both Zyuranger, and Megumi's father does appear in an episode of Liveman.

Lavender Ranger said...

I have to find pics of Yamato & black knight for later.

Don said...

How about Jan's father in Gekiranger? I already forgot his name though.

Anonymous said...

You didn't list Isamu/Blagel/Wolzard/Wolzard Fire from Magiranger, unless there's some other reason you didn't do so.

Mugen said...

Wasn't the friendly competition in case of Mondo only true for Sprocket, while he and Gasket did not get along.

Anonymous said...

I forgot that Gator, one of Bazoo's henchmen in Changeman, had a wife and son as well. He actually changes sides at the end because of them

Technically speaking, Emperor Zeba was the son of Lethal Dogura, a major monster in the series.

In Liveman, Yoichiro Misaki, Megumi's dad, appears in Episode 29. He's played by the same actor who played Dr. Yumeno in Dynaman.

Kaori's parents appear in an episode of Jetman, but I don't remember which.