Monday, June 14, 2010

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers The Movie Visual Goofs

Here are just a few goofs, I am not planning to show all of them. I am aware of Zordon disappearing in wide shots of Ivan attacking the Command Center, the Rangers having rollerblade gear teleporting and reappearing without it, etc.
Here where the Ape Zord is on the top of a building, Red looks down at the Ectomorphicon, we see there is no street under the robot, just lines--this is the animation grid, it had not been rendered yet. Or they didn't put the street under it.

Aisha's power coin emblem is missing when attacked.

This is not a goof, Ninja Megazord crashes through a building, it isn't a CGI robot, probably the toy or a prop, looks a bit irregular.

To the left corner, you can see, very far away, there is a crewman.

The biggest goof is the Wolf Zord running around Adam and...

The frog zord flying around Billy! I mean, come on! The animal emblem is on their chests! How hard is it to tell which animal goes around the teen? Also, the zords were pretty easy to find!


Anonymous said...

Aren't the lines under the ectomorphicon street markings?

Lavender Ranger said...

I thought so too but I checked the street in an earlier shot and it didn't match. The lines are too many and too close to each other.

Jonathan said...

Also while Ivan is destroying the Command Center, if you notice, his wand/pipe completely disappears in a shot. It is quick, but you can catch it without stopping the movie.

Anonymous said...

when they are fighting the tengas on phedos tommy aka JDF kicks a stuntman in the face for real