Friday, October 22, 2010

More Power Ranger Rip-Offs and Bootlegs

What if Quantum Ranger had his own team?

PRLR ripoff:

Elite Xtreme:

Zeo bootleg:

Wild Force Yak Rangers? (PROO helmets)

Mystic Force rip-offs:
Magic Evil Ranger

Super Chinatoy Unicorn?

Combo of Ninja Storm with Wild Storm weapons:

Raptor Storm:

RPM Nitro Blaster (Blatant Rip-Off):

This one looks like half Daizyujin (Megazord) and Gingaoh (Galaxy Megazord).

Red Dragonzord with Firebird Thunderzord combo in grey and black

Fiveman/Zyuranger mix, but the toys don't look anything like it:



sdp said...

I bought those Super Warrior ones for like 3 bucks 2 years ago, they feel extremely cheap/easy to break, but the sculpt/paint job/articulation is quite impressive for a bootleg, I'd argue its better than some non-bootleg toys.

I also saw the Galaxy Defender Zords, never got them since they weren't exactly cheap but I still regret not getting them, I believe they had the Tigerzord and the Space Megazord.

Unknown said...

Eso me ocurrió, salio una figura de Fuerza Mística y el empaque dice Magiranger, y en Dino Trueno, Power Abaranger. Si el logo de Bandai.
Bueno almenos tengo mis figuras de T-Rex RPM Ranger y los personajes de KRDK.

Unknown said...

That 'Super Chinatoy Unicorn' looked pretty good for a knock-off. I never could find any Mystic Force Zords at any of the stores here in Saskatoon, SK. All I ever saw was the various action figures, both normal and all the armor variants. Which is fine, really.

But, I wanted Zords, DAMMIT!!

RFyleCreatorAnimator said...

Is anybody using these bootlegs / Rip-Offs Power Rangers as a fanfiction and ideas?

Luca said...

I don't like how they make the figures look like they're on steroids instead of just making them look like the cute skinny Asians they are.

Unknown said...

The Wild Force "Yak" Rangers not only has the PROO Helmets, but I also noticed a "Similarity" Design on the chest.

Where the design on the chest is too similar to that of Kamen Rider Faiz in his Blaster Form.

Oh and not to make you feel bad, the box said Wild Force Max Rangers...which is better than Yak Rangers, but still a stupid name.

alonso suarez tocino said...

¿did you know that in spain the country where i live a company called dinova juegos made 3 bootleg figures based of the bandai power rangers spd battlized r.i.c figures of red,green and blue rangers named as animal masters robots de la liga de la justicia? translated in english as master animals robots of the justice league and the only image that i can find was the green one