Monday, October 18, 2010

Poll Results:Halloween Costumes / Other Superheroes You Like / Colors

If you have ever dressed as a Power Ranger for Halloween, for which season?
MMPR won naturally at 120 votes

Zeo - 64

Turbo - 47

Lost Galaxy - 46
In Space - 40

RPM - 39

Jungle Fury and Wild Force and SPD - 38

Time Force - 36

Mystic Force - 35

Ninja Storm - 31
Lightspeed and Dino Thunder - 27
PROO got less at 23 votes.

What are other superheroes you are into?
Spider-Man - 103 votes
Batman - 100 votes

Superman - 73

And least votes at Ninja Turtles at 72 votes.

What are Other Sci-Fi Franchises are you into?
Other - 78 of 136

Star Wars - 72

Star Trek - 47
Buffy - 40
Angel - 30
Eureka - 18

Pink for you is...
A Girl Color - 115 votes of 172
Neither - 55
A Boy Color - 2

Yellow for you is...
Both - 108 of 174
Neither - 36
A Girl Color - 26 votes
A Boy Color - 4

Blue for you is...
Neither - 114
A Boy Color - 51
A Girl Color - 6

Purple for you is...
Both - 88 of 165
Neither - 40
A Girl Color - 24
A Boy Color - 13

Interesting, I should have not have the 'Both' option because look how people put 'neither, it's just a color' for Blue but for Purple and Yellow, they put Both and for Pink, they put a Girl color. Like I have said before THEY ARE JUST COLORS, they shouldn't have genders. Pink didn't become a quote-unquote "Girl's Color" until after World War II here in America.

Do you think Saban will use Goseiger for the 20th Anniversary?
Because the Black Ranger to match the 1st year - 91 of 208
Fine Either Way - 50
No, it's for 2012 - 34
Maybe, for other reasons - 33


Luca said...

The way I see it, darker colors are boy colors and lighter colors are girl colors. For Halloween if I had to be a ranger, I'd be DekaBlue or AbareKiller. (you can tell which seasons I was into PR during the time of) As for American superheroes, some I only like the movie adaptations of and some (especially those made in the 60's and earlier if there are any) I just hate altogether. Only Japan knows how to do it right.

Luca said...

Oh and as for other scifi, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Dr. Who and am always paralleling it to Kamen Rider.

The_Doctor said...

I'm with Luca I am a major fan of all things Doctor Who related =)

Lavender Ranger said...

Yeah I forgot Doctor Who! I mostly only know the remake, I like christopher eccleston.

Luca said...

The current Doctor should star in a Where's Waldo movie. He's be perfect! I also really would like to see a Doctor/Rider crossover or at least an episode of one with a parody of the other in it.