Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Animals in Super Sentai: Onners (As of yet from 2010)

As I have already covered the Animals in Sentai, I decided to provide to those animals that have no been reused, the first and only ones. This is subject to change as Goukaiger might add more sea animals.

Jetman (1991) - Yellow Owl, Blue Swallow, White Swan

Zyuranger (1992) - yellow Sabertooth Tiger

Dairanger (1993) - yellow Kirin

Kakuranger (1994) - God Saruder (red ape), God Kark (white crane), God Gammer (black frog)
[Now there is two frogs---Ene-Chan from Go-Busters]

Ohranger (1995) - blue Sphinx

Gingaman (1998) - pink Gingat

Gaoranger (2001) - orange Giraffe, purple Armadillo, green Deer, brown Buffalo, peacock, mouse, and stingray.

Hurricanger (2002) - yellow goat, yellow bee, purple Horseshoe Crab, green spider, red starfish

Abaranger (2003) - Crimson Stegosaurus, White Tupuxuara, Red-Orange Styracosaurus, Purple Pachycephalosaurus, Lime Green Parasaurolophus, Orange Ankylosaurus, Cyan Dimetrodon, Carnoryutus and Chasmosealdon

Magiranger (2005) - pink Fairy, red Firebird, and white unicorn Unikirion

Gekiranger (2007) - yellow Cheetah (now there is the red Cheeda in Go-Busters), yellow Penguin, indigo Bat, blue Gazelle, green Chameleon

Go-Onger (2008) - green Birca (Orca), black Gunpherd (German Shepard), gold Triptor (Chicken), navy Jum-bowhale (Whale)

Shinkenger (2009) - yellow monkey (Ape in Samurai), pink turtle, cyan Kujaki Origami (Swordfish), gold lobster, scarlet Sauropoda Kyoryumaru

Goseiger (2010) - black Snake (half Shinkansen), cyan MantaHeadder (Mantaray), white CrowHeaddr, black Crocodile Headder, green Mystic Runner (Ostrich)


Unknown said...

what about the firebird/phenoix from dairanger

Lavender Ranger said...

go check Animals in Sentai, there has been more than one phoenix... remember this little thing called Goseiger?

Luca said...

Awesome! I LOVE ANIMALS SO MUCH!!! I want to be a zoology professor. I'm seeing some of my favorite animals here.

lio_convoy said...

There were two Garudas one Jetman and one Magiranger