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Comparison of Super Sentai and Power Ranger Countpart Series

Updated 9/26/16
Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger (1992) Mighty Morphin Power Rangers (1993-1995)
Episodes: 50 Episodes: 155
Story: Bandora the witch started a war on the dinosaurs due to the death of her son. After she caused much devastation, the Guardian Beasts sealed her and her minions on the planet Nemesis. 5 members of each of the ancient human tribes were cryogenically frozen to combat the witch when she escaped from her imprisonment. Red's elder brother the Dragon Ranger was released accidentally and fought against them because of jealousy and vengeance even though his life was limited. Story: When Rita Repulsa got out from her prison, Zordon formed the Power Rangers. Five students used Power Coins to transform and found evil with their Dinozords. Rita gives Tommy the sixth Power Coin and he becomes the Evil Green Ranger. He joins the team but looses his powers twice. Lord Zedd arrives and the Rangers get new zords. Zedd and Rita marry, Rita's dad and brother arrive, leading the Rangers to get Ninja Zords.

Mood: Melodramatic, comical, steep in mythology Mood: Happy Comical, Campy, Soap-Operatic
Sixth: Burai is dying due to complications to being frozen, when he is out of the Lapseless Room, the green candle burns out his life. He ends up dying. Sixth: Rita uses the Green Candle to use up Tommy's powers. He returns thanks to Zordon when Rita takes the 5 coins. Zedd later eradicates the powers.
Villains sing and mostly comic relief, but sometimes crude and cruel. Villains are mostly goofy and comic relief, save for Lord Zedd in early Season 2 and Master Vile.
Five boys, one girl Four boys, two girls.
Ally is a wizard, disguised as a human and some elf-like creatures. Allies are a giant head Zordon, used to be a wizard and Alpha 5, a robot.
The 25 'episodes' Toei made for Power Rangers did not appear in Super Sentai. Additions include footage of Dairanger in Season 2 (Thunderzords, monsters, and Serpentera), and Kakuranger in Season 3 (Ninjazords, monsters, Master Vile, Rito Repulso, and Ninjor). Also Toei made 25 episodes of footage featuring Zyuranger.
Conclusion: The series is a mix bag, people who didn't grow up with MMPR, don't like it. MMPR fans are fascinated by it. The series is serious but also very goofy and oddball, it is crude and sometimes awkward. Conclusion: Fans remember it fondly. Small budget didn't help some choppy editing of footage, the dubbing on Rita was jarring, things did pick up in season 2 and tittered away in season 3. The cast changes also didn't help character development. Didn't follow footage, did sometimes follow episode plots.

Ninja Sentai Kakuranger (1994) Mighty Morphin Alien Rangers (1996)
Episodes: 53 Episodes: 10
Story: Descendants of legendary ninjas are fooled into releasing the evil Youkai and they are joined by three other descendants to fight the Youkai with the aid of the Three God Generals. They are later joined by the God's pupil, Ninjaman, who was imprisoned in a pot as punishment for attacking humans under evil influence. Story: When Master Vile reverts the Power Rangers into children again, the Alien Rangers from Aquitar, planet made completely of water arrive and fight Rita and Zedd. The Rangers go on a quest to retrieve the Zeo Sub-Crystals to return to normal. Was not at all like the footage, as it was never mentioned they were ninjas.

Mood: Comical, serious, comic-book effects Mood: 10 part mini-series, happy, dramatic
Villains are goofy but also deadly and serious. Villains are same as MMPR.
Four boys, one girl; girl villain. Four boys, one girl
The Kakuranger ride around in a bus. Aquitar is a planet of all water, they need water to hydrate.
Conclusion: Kakuranger has comic-book graphics, can be serious but mostly played for fun, a bit goofy and erratic. Conclusion: Fans like to point it as important, but most fans do consider it as part of season three.

Choriki Sentai Ohranger (1995) Power Rangers Zeo (1996)
Episodes: 48 Episodes: 50
Story: The Baranoia Empire, a robotic army created by the ancient civilization of Pangaea, are determined to wipe away human life and are combated by five UAOH officers using Tetrahedron super powers and Overtech Hardware. They are later joined by young Pangaean warrior King Ranger that was in suspended animation.
Story: With the Power Coins destroyed, the Rangers needed a new source of power, and so they reformed the Zeo Crystal, which turned them into the Power Rangers Zeo. Using their Zeo powers, they must protect the Earth from invasion by the Machine Empire. The villains were similar to the source footage but Rangers were not. Episode plots were rarely followed.
Mood: Super Serious, adventure and melodrama, some fun moments Mood: Dramatic and fun.
Sixth: Riki/Kingranger is from an ancient culture and teenage-like. Sixth: Jason returns to accept the powers of Trey, the Gold Ranger---who is temporarily incapacitated.
Villains are serious, with fun moments. Villains are serious, with fun moments.
Four boys, two girls Four boys, two girls
Ally is government air force and lead by a rave male commander. Allies are a giant head Zordon, used to be a wizard and Alpha 5, a robot.
Conclusion: The series was meant to be dramatically different but because of a real life incident, they had to change it. It was mostly serious with cute and fun moments. Fans didn't like it and it was rumored to almost stop the Super Sentai franchise. Conclusion: Fans like it, it was serious and fun, it had a bigger budget and expanded on the characters, especially new one Tanya and Tommy. The series used footage from the Ohranger movie and Ohranger vs. Kakuranger special, which is rare for Power Rangers.

Gekisou Sentai Carranger (1996) Power Rangers Turbo (1997)
Episodes: 48 Episodes: 45
Story: An alien from the planet of Hazard empowers five employees of the Pegasus Auto Garage with 'carmagic' to fight a reckless alien driver gang known as the Bowzock who aim to destroy the Earth. They use CarMagic Mecha resembling automobiles. They are later aided by a robotic policeman Signalman and their alien friend's father VRV Master.
Story: When lady pirate Divatox threatens the safety of Earth, the Rangers' only hope lies in the amazing Turbo Powers, which have made them the Power Rangers Turbo. This revved up team finds assistance in the Blue Senturion, and the mysterious Phantom Ranger. Four of the cast change half-way through and Justin is the first kid Ranger. Source footage was not followed, sometimes episode plots were followed.

Mood: Parody, goofy, comical, campy. Mood: Fun, comical, semi-dramatic.
Sixth: There was no Sixth Ranger, but two heroes—Signalman, who had a big robo and vehicle; VRV Master, who briefly appeared. Sixth: VRV Master was not a sixth but made into Phantom Ranger, his identity was not revealed.
Villains are exaggerated and campy, in the end become friends. Villains are not overtly goofy, nor super serious.
Three boys, two girls Four boys, two girls
Ally is Dappu, an alien with 'car-magic' seeking his parents. Allies are Dimitria, a sage that asks questions and Alpha 6, a robot.
Conclusion: The series saved Super Sentai series, fans loved it. It was a parody and was overtly exaggerated and goofy, but it had its charms. Conclusion: Fans were not happy with the addition of Justin. They weren't fond either of the goofy monsters. Also it wasn't made sense that they abandoned the Zeo powers.

Denji Sentai Megaranger (1997) Power Rangers in Space (1998)
Episodes: 51 Episodes: 43
Story: A cybernetic scientist gets sucked into another dimension and becomes Dr. Hinelar, in charge of Nejirejia under the supervision of Javious the First. Five high school students who excel at a video game designed to select a elite team to fight the Nejirejia, defeat them as the Megaranger. They are later aided by an INET agent who designed some of their fighting machines. Dr. Hinelar then uses Javious' power to create the Nejiranger who are formidable match for the teens.
Story: The Rangers take off for outer space to prevent Dark Specter from stealing Zordon's energy. They become the Power Rangers in Space, soaring through the cosmos in the Astro Megaship, and fighting the princess of evil, Astronema. The Psycho Rangers are a formidable match as well. Astronema turns out to be Andros' sister and Andros kills Zordon, his energy wave destroys most villains of the past.

Mood: Fun, comical, melodramatic Mood: Fun, adventure, melodramatic, Epic.
Sixth: Mega Silver was older, used prototype. Sixth: Silver Ranger was frozen for two years.
Villains are serious, one is a bit goofy and funny. Villains are serious. One is goofy.
Four boys, two girls Four boys, two girls
Ally is INET, an organization, along with a chief officer. Allies are DECA and Alpha 6, a robot.
Conclusion: Fun series, fans like it. Conclusion: Fans loved this season, it saved the series.

Seijuu Sentai Gingaman (1998) Power Rangers Lost Galaxy (1999)
Episodes: 50 Episodes: 45
Story: 5 warriors of the Ginga forest wield the Star Beast Swords. When the space pirates Barban attack, Hyugga is sucked into the earth and he gives his bro the sword to lead the Gingaman. Later a vengeful warrior took Hyuuga's lifeforce but thanks to encouragement from his dead brother, he gave his life away so Hyuuga could continue the fight against the Barban as BullBlack.
Story: The Power Rangers travel deep into space aboard a space station from Earth, where they encounter more powerful evil aliens. Power Rangers Lost Galaxy chronicles their fight to protect the colony, using the power of the Quasar Sabers, and their Galactazords.

Mood: Fun, adventure, melodramatic Mood: Drama, Fun, adventure, Care-free
Sixth: Bull Black lost his brother. Hyuga took the power. Sixth: Magna Defender lost his son. Mike used the Magna Morpher to become MD.
Villains are serious. Villains are serious, funny but kept as serious.
Five boys, one girl. Four boys, two girls
Ally is a talking tree and an acorn-like sprite. Allies are DECA and Alpha 6 robot.
Conclusion: The series is like a fairy tale and about nature. Conclusion: The season is not anything like the original, set in space and in a new galaxy, even the villains are different in origin.

Kyuukyuu Sentai GoGoV (1999) Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue (2000)
Episodes: 50 Episodes: 40
Story: Five siblings that work in rescue duties are asked by their estranged father to stop the Grand With Grandiene and her demon Saima Family from the conquering the world by using special technology. In the meantime, they search for their mother that has been lost since she went to look for their father.
Story: When demons resurface to capture the city of Mariner Bay, a defense organization assembles a team to fight the forces of evil. The five heroes of Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue utilize cutting edge technology to defend the city.
Mood: Drama, melodramatic Mood: Drama, adventure
Sixth: No sixth warrior, only in the movie. Sixth: Titanium Ranger created just for Power Rangers.
Villains are serious. Villains are serious, humorless and sometimes boring.
Four boys, one girl. Four boys, two girls
Ally is their father and his force. Allies are Captain Mitchell and technician Angela Fairweather.
Conclusion: The series is serious, for me kind of boring. Conclusion: The heroes are not siblings. The villains are uninspired.

Mirai Sentai Timeranger (2000) Power Rangers Time Force (2001)
Episodes: 51 Episodes: 40
Story: Four cadets of Time Police from the 30 century go to a millennia into the past to apprehend criminals who ran off with the entire prison of frozen prisoners. There they meet a rich youth whose father has his own plans for his son's future. On the way, his indifferent former classmate also gains powers as TimeFire and learns there is no clear cut good and evil. Story: When a sinister mutant travels into the past, only one force can bring him in - Power Rangers Time Force. The legendary team battles to prevent Ransik from taking over the year 2001, aided by futuristic weapons and vehicles, as well as the Quantum Ranger.
Mood: Drama Mood: Drama
Villains are serious. Alien criminals. Villains are serious. One added American villain, aliens are turned into mutants. Main boss from last one turned into comic relief.
Five boys, one girl. Four boys, two girls
Ally is a robotic owl. Ally is a robotic owl.
Conclusion: The series is serious, well written. Conclusion: This adaptation is the closest to its sentai source, save for Jen being in love with Alex and the whole Ransik/Mutant plot.

Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger (2001) Power Rangers Wild Force (2002)
Episodes: 51 Episodes: 40
Story: Five young people are chosen by the Power Animals who drew back the Org race long ago to defeat the revived Orgs. As they fight, more Power Animals join their battle. A cursed ancient warrior is released and fights against them. He later reverts into GaoSilver but regrets his actions.
Story: The pollution of the Earth has allowed an ancient evil to escape. Ancient Power Animals choose young warriors to defend the planet as Power Ranger Wild Force. These heroes fend off the forces of the Org empire with weaponry and an army of Wild Zords.
Mood: Melodramatic, care-free Mood: Melodramatic, adventure, care-free
Villains are serious. Villains are serious and sometimes funny.
Five boys, one girl. Four boys, two girls
Ally is a shaman. Allies is a princess.
Conclusion: The series leads up well but ends up being repetitive and preachy, and character development goes nowhere. Conclusion: Repetitive and preachy, writing aimed at the young set and acting is still mocked.

Ninpuu Sentai Hurricanger (2002) Power Rangers Ninja Storm (2003)
Episodes: 51 Episodes: 38
Story: The Hayate's Way Ninja Academy is attacked by the evil Jakanja space ninjas and three slacker students are the only ones left and become the Hurricanger. They are later challenged by the Goraijers from a rival school. They eventually put their rivalry aside and join forces against the Jakanja along with the mysterious warrior Shurikenger. Story: Three rebellious students are the last ones remaining at their ninja academy after evil aliens attack the Earth. To save the world, their ninja master teaches them to harness ancient mystical energies that transform them into Power Rangers.
Mood: Fun, Drama, Adventure Mood: Fun, Drama, Adventure
Villains are serious. Villains are supposed to be funny but aren't.
Five boys, one girl. Five boys, one girl.
Sixth is Shurikenger, who has no human face anymore and morphs into other people. Sixth is existing ally.
Ally are their teacher as a hamster along with his daughter. Allies are their teacher as a guinea pig with his son.
Conclusion: The series was fun and adventurous, with serious moments but not too serious. Conclusion: The series cut out 'Japanese' things like umbrellas, scarfs, etc. It was similar but took things lightly.

Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger (2003) Power Rangers Dino Thunder (2004)
Episodes: 50 Episodes: 38
Story: A young warrior AbareBlack comes from the parallel dimension Another Earth were still the superior species to stop the Evorian's invasion. The ones destined to possess the Dino Guts are selected to fight with the Bakuryuu, advanced Dinosaur to become the Abaranger. They later encounter a psychotic doctor who opposes them as AbareKiller and fights with the Evorian for some time. Story: Dr. Tommy Oliver must recruit a lone musician, a champion gamer, and a hotshot soccer player to become Power Rangers to save the world against Mesogog. He must reignite his past as a Power Ranger, by becoming the Black Power Ranger and leading the team. With the help of a once evil White Ranger, the Power Rangers must bond with the Dino Gems and stop Mesogog once and for all.
Mood: Fun, Drama, Adventure Mood: Fun, Drama, Adventure
Villains are serious. Very colorful. Villains are serious.
Four boys, one girl. Four boys, one girl.
There is no sixth, just a power-up. Fifth Ranger doesn't properly join team until end. There is no sixth, just a power-up. An evil clone was made to make footage make sense.
Allies are a old man who owns curry shop and wannabe Abaranger. Allies are former Ranger and lady technician.
Conclusion: The series had a big start but the series was mostly goofy with super melodrama and dark moments, it is way bizarre. Dinosaurs spoke. Conclusion: The series was meant to tie into the franchise along with Tommy. It was not at all like the source, did borrow some episode plots. Dinosaurs did not speak.

Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger (2004) Power Rangers SPD (2005)
Episodes: 50 Episodes: 38
Story: A wild and unorthodox officer was transferred to the Earth branch of a special police force to join four other Dekarangers to stop the Alienizer criminals. Their commanding officer Doggie Kruger assist them occasionally as DekaMaster. They are later joined by DekaBreak, a super elite officer who was trained by DekaBright to be detached. They all must work as a team. Story: Under the command of Anubus Cruger in 2025, a highly trained unit of police, the Space Patrol Delta, or S.P.D., has been formed to keep the peace. Five heroes are united together to serve and protect the galaxy as the Power Rangers S.P.D. - against the evil Emperor Gruumm, the commander of a battle space ship.
Mood: Funny, Drama, Adventure Mood: Fun, Drama, Adventure
Villains are serious. Villains are serious, sometimes funny.
Five boys, Three Girls; 10 in all. Five boys, Two Girls; 14 Rangers in all.
Standard Sixth comes after another sixth, with two guest Rangers and a ranger in the movie. Sixth is a ball of light, along with three extra Rangers and a team of 5.
Allies are a dog alien boss and his scientific assistant. Allies are dog alien boss and cat scientist and wananbe ranger.
Conclusion: The series is single episode format, no big arc. Conclusion: The series was close to the original, arc and main villain was added. Modern times in the source became the future, adding time holes for fans.

Mahou Sentai Magiranger (2005) Power Rangers Mystic Force (2006)
Episodes: 49 Episodes: 32
Story: The Infreshia were sealed long ago but are now trying to break through, forcing a good witch to recruit her five children to join as the Magiranger, whose powers are from a heavenly place called Magitopia. She is killed by a mysterious wizard known as Wolzard and they vow to defend her honor. Magishine, a pupil of their lost father is freed from a curse and helps train them to be better warriors. Story: Planet Earth is living in a time of peace when quiet serenity is shattered under attack from a new evil... It is then that five daring teens learn their true identities - heroes entrusted with mystical powers destined to defend the Earth as Power Rangers Mystic Force.
Mood: Fun, adventure, melodrama Mood: Adventure, drama
Villains are serious. Villains are serious.
Five boys, three girls. Five boys, Three Girls.
Sixth is a young man, marries Blue. Sixth is an older man.
Ally is a mandrake plant. Allies are a witch and apprentice.
Conclusion: The series is melodramatic, it felt rushed, some plot problems. Conclusion: The Rangers aren't siblings, but the plot is somewhat similar, harsher things edited out.

Gougou Sentai Boukenger (2006) Power Rangers Operation Overdrive (2007)
Episodes: 49 Episodes: 32
Story: The SGS form a team of five young adventurers to recover powerful relics known as Precious, that are also sought by the members of the Negative Syndicate, who want to use the Precious for their own whims. They are later joined by a demon hunter BoukenSilver who happens to be half-demon and a powerful walking and talking Precious named Zuuban.
Story: The five jewels of the powerful Corona Aurora were spread throughout the Earth to prevent Moltor and Flurious, who were cursed for seeking it, from possessing it. Five young adventurers are recruited by the wealthy treasure hunter Andrew Hartford to become the Power Rangers to protect the Earth.

Mood: Drama, adventure, light comedy Mood: Adventure, comedy
Villains are serious. Villains are semi-serious.
Four Boys, Two Girls. Four Boys, Two Girls.
Sixth is a half demon. Sixth is an alien.
Allies are a mysterious voice benefactor and mechanic/inventor. Allies are a millionaire and butler.
Conclusion: The series balances comedy, drama and good writing. Conclusion: Plot points different, but series similar, this series lacks the good writing.

Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger (2007) Power Rangers Jungle Fury (2008)
Episodes: 49 Episodes: 32
Story: Master ShaFu teaches three young people the martial art skills of the Beast-Fist style as the Gekiranger to combat the evil Akugata, who practice the Confrontation Hall (RinJyuDen) style. Their GekiBeasts to assist in the battle, they gain more as they learn more styles for the Kensei, masters who have lost their human forms for beast forms. Their trio becomes a quintet with GekiViolet and GekiChopper and keeps on growing. The youngsters learn secrets from the past tied to their blood that rock them to the core, but they find their own path.
Story: Three young people are selected to protect the world from the evil Dai Shi, who had escaped from his imprisonment and possess the body of their former schoolmate. They are trained by several teachers in the art of Kung Fu from fierce animal spirits to save the world.

Mood: Drama, adventure, comedy Mood: Adventure, drama, comedy
Villains are serious. Villains are serious.
Four Boys, One girl. Four Boys, One girl.
Series focuses on villains like main characters, making 7 heroes. Series focuses on villains like main characters, making 7 heroes.
Allies are a lady, a cat and other animals. Allies is the Violet Ranger and Fran, co-worker.
Conclusion: The series is character-driven, focuses on the villains but because it is so arc-y, it is hard to get into. Conclusion: Sports center changed to pizza place, vaguely similar but more condensed story. And a bit uneven due to Writer's Strike.

Engine Sentai Go-Onger (2008) Power Rangers RPM (2009)
Episodes: 50 Episodes: 32
Story: The Gaiark from the Machine World want to pollute our world to make it suitable for them. The Engines chose humans to fight alongside them as their partners. The five Go-Onger travel in Ginjiro Number One throughout of Japan and are later joined by the duo the Go-On Wings, who are initially skeptical of the five but soon learn to be a team. Story: A new computer virus Venjix Virus has taken over the world's communication, power and defense systems. built the Grinders, advanced robots and laid waste to the world. A new Power Ranger team was formed by Dr. K in the dome city of Corinth to fight the evil machines.
Mood: Comedy, fun, cute, drama, care-free Mood: Drama, melodrama, meta-comedy
Villains are semi-serious, plays for laughs. Villains are serious.
Five Boys, Two girls. Five Boys, Two Girls.
Villains are goofy and main turn good at end. The big bad is father of one of the ministers. Villains are super serious and dangerous. Villainess turns out to be Black's sister.
Allies are a cute robot. Allies is a teenage genius scientist who makes meta-jokes and references.
Conclusion: The series is a required taste, not a parody but it is fun, cute and cheesy, at times campy. All in good fun. Conclusion: Not at all like the source, it takes a dark look in a post-apocalyptic future. But it has its own humor.

Samurai Sentai Shinkenger (2009)Power Rangers Samurai (2010)
and Power Rangers Super Samurai (2011)
Episodes: 49Episodes: 45
Story: The Shinkengers exist to protect the world from the Gedoushu who plan to flood out world. Shuriken Red, is the descendant of a line of feudal lords and must be protected by his four vassals, the Shinkenger team use the kanji-power called 'Mojikara' to combat the Gedoushu and draw their powers from the elements.Story: Five heroes use the Symbols of Power to fight evil Master Xandred and his army of Nighloks. Xandred is stuck on a junk in the Sanzu River and plans to flood the planet. Along their journey, they gain special discs and harness their powers.
Mood: drama, melodramaMood: Drama, melodrama, slapstick comedy, unintentionally funny
Villains are seriousVillains are serious.
Four Boys, Three girls.Four Boys, Three girls.
Villains are super serious. One that is half human goes after Red and dies in the end. Villainess was an evil human and sacrifice herself for the main boss.Villains are super serious. One that is half human goes after Red and dies in the end, had connection with villainess who was human and sacrificed herself for the main boss.
Allies is an elder man who raised the Red Ranger and Kuroko, men in black robes.Allies is an elder man who raised the Red Ranger and Bulk with his nephew Spike.
Conclusion: The series is loved by all and considered a great series.Conclusion: Just like the Japanese version, considered to be a carbon copy. It was loved by kids but not adult fans.

Tensou Sentai Goseiger (2010)Power Rangers Megaforce (2013)
Episodes: 50Episodes: 22
Story: The five Gosei Angels assigned to protect the Earth from evil invaders with the help of the robot Datas and the Gosei Headers. Two Goseigers are assigned from the three tribes of the Gosei Angels.Story: When the Warstar aliens invade, Earth's mystical guardian Gosei gathers five high school students to become Power Rangers and ward off evil space aliens with their Gosei Mechazords.
Mood: melodrama, comedyMood: action, comedy
Villains are semi-serious, some goofy.Villains are semi-serious, some goofy
Three boys, two girls, and robot-like sentient beingThree boys, two girls and one robot
Sixth is a sentient being that is also a mecha (that used to belong to the main villain) that only protects Earth.Sixth is a robot created by Gosei who must learn to accept humanity.
Villains are three different groups, mostly serious.Villains are three different groups, middle group is kind of goofy.
Allies is an arcade-like robot who becomes big, a goofy scientist and his son.Allies is Gosei, Zordon's protege and a Wall-E like robot named Tensou
Conclusion: Some liked it, some hated it. Those who hated it found it boring and oddly paced.Conclusion: Liked by fans but some dislike lack of characterization and the simpleness of the Red Ranger.

Pirate Sentai Gokaiger (2011)Power Rangers Super Megaforce (2014)
Episodes: 51Episodes: 20
Story: The five pirate aliens hunt for the Greatest Treasure in the Universe using Ranger Keys which are the powers of the legendary Super Sentai along with Earth fan Silver Ranger.Story: The teens must upgrade to Super Mega Mode to battle the Armada using the Ranger Keys and assitance from alien Orion.
Mood: drama, action, comedyMood: action, comedy
Villains are semi-serious, some goofy.Villains are semi-serious, some goofy
Four boys, two girls.Four boys, two girls and one robot
Sixth is an Earthling Sentai fanboy.Sixth is an alien from a planet attacked by the Armada.
Villains are one group, mostly seriously.Villains are one group, mostly seriously with Vrak coming later.
Allies is a robotic bird, Aka Red the legendary embodiment of all Rangers and the veteran Rangers.

Allies is Gosei, Zordon's protege and a Wall-E like robot named Tensou

New Powers:
Conclusion: Some loved it, some kinda liked it but not quite loved.Conclusion: Disliked by fans like the simpleness of the Red Ranger, slapdash editing and blink and you missed them cameos.

Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger (2013)Power Rangers Dino Charge (2015-2016)
Episodes: 48Episodes: 44
Story: Torin selects five brave individuals who must defeat their respective Zyudenryu first in order to acquire their powers to become the "People of the Strong Dragons", the Kyoryugers. Story: The Energems are entrusted to dinosaurs and found by individuals to become Power Rangers. Bounty Hunter Sledge is after them.
Mood: action, comedyMood: action, melodrama, comedy
Villains are serious, some goofy.Villains are semi-serious, some goofy
Starts with four boys and girl and ends up with seven guys, two girls, and an alienStarts with four boys and a girl and ends up with three girls and seven guys.
Sixth is a solider from Samurai times. A seventh is a smart gadget girlSixth is a Knight from medieval times. Seventh is the tech woman. 
Villains are a semi-goofy and serious group.Villains are aliens lead by a bounty hunter, then a Heckyl/Hyde prisoner and then the bounty hunter's boss.
Allies are Torin, a warrior bird and later Violet's grandfather.Allies are Kendall, the tech woman and Keeper, an alien sage.
Conclusion: Mostly loved. Conclusion: Mostly liked, some deflectors to the confusing writing and plot holes.


Anonymous said...

On the Abaranger/Dino Thunder part, the ally and sixth ranger piece is from the Hurricanger/Ninja Storm part.

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Thank you itzedi!, it got confusing.

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Jungle Fury is labelled Operation Overdrive.

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"The villains are uninspired."

This always made me sad about Lightspeed, probably my personal favorite Ranger team but they were up against these uninteresting enemies


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Mesogog was supposed to be funny?

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Nathan, the Dino thunder villain comment was probably left over from ninja storm. This took forever to write and I was looking over my nephew Jaiden, so there are my excuses at my inaccuracies. As you can see on my disclaimer, I am prone to make mistakes. thanks for bringing them to my attention though! Much appericiated!

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Lavender Ranger, if you'd like to know more about the problems that Sentai was having behind the scenes during the 90s, I typed up a post on it on my blog. Hope it helps out. ;)

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