Saturday, December 25, 2010

Poll Results: What color would the sixth Go-kaiger be?

If you celebrate Christmas, when do you open presents?
Christmas Day - 248 of 286
Christmas Eve - 90 votes

6th Goukaiger Re-Vote: What color do you really wish it to be?
Purple 147 (44%)
Black 112 (34%)
Gold 76 (23%)
White 66 (20%)
Silver 65 (19%)
Like Gosei Knight 65 (19%)
I agree with the purple, at first it was black.

6th Goukaiger Re-Vote: What color do you think it will be realistically?
Purple 144 (44%)
Black 108 (33%)
Gold 79 (24%)
Silver 69 (21%)
White 63 (19%)
Like Gosei Knight 46 (14%)
I am surprised by the Purple, I think one person emptied their cache and kept voting over and over. I don't think realistically they were go with Purple, I am sure it would be Black or Gold.

I did this earlier, but I canceled it because I didn't think everyone was getting what I was aiming at so I split it into two:
What Color Do you Think the Sixth Goukaiger will be?
Black 68 of 143 people
Gold 53 votes
White 45
Silver 44
Like Gosei Knight 39
Other 31
Purple 30

It isn't too early to start discussing the sixth Ranger, recently we get news on the sixth or a sixth warrior before the series starts. Like with Wolzard of Magiranger, we heard rumors in December and saw pictures by January.


Luca said...

The Sixth Gokaiger will be GokaiTsunami. His colors will be a mix of cobalt, cyan, and Crayola's radioactive royal. He will be Americanized as the Neptunium Ranger.

That's what I think would be cool for Gokaiger.

Unknown said...

"Neptunium Ranger" LOL. Keep dreamin'...

Peopole seem not to be realistic and push their feelings against the real world... They may want a Purple Goukaiger, but chances are very, VERY low. I bet it will be white or silver, or whatever color matches the most sixth rangers