Saturday, December 25, 2010

Suppaa Sentai-Wa Krissmas Caykee

UPDATED 12/15/13 7:30 PM EST
There is a tradition to have Christmas Cake, which is a sponge cake, frosted with whipped cream and decorated with strawberries, traditionally eaten on Christmas Eve. Even though Japan is a Buddhist country, Christmas has no religious meaning. They imported only the fun parts. Christmas in Japan has also developed into a romantic holiday for couples. Here is a look at the Super Sentai Christmas Cakes, that come in boxes.

Comes with Beast Battery and a henshin device. Six Kyoryuger on it.

Came with the robo and Red Buster. The five Go-Busters on it.

Three different cakes! One with Machafalcon and comes with Mobirates and Gokai Red Ranger Key and another with candles and tree.
This year, the cake has a label with the Super Goseiger and Gosei Knight, the cake itself has four frozting decorations, Super GoseiRed with that ship thingy and a simple version of Gosei Great.

Super Shinken Red came with his cockpit stage on top of a cake with fruit and the label with all six Shinkenger in a Shinkenger box.

Here is another version with regular ShinkenRed with his Shishi Origami.

Came with five strawberries, frosting decorations, with all seven Go-Onger on the label around and Speedor on top. Also Engine Cast came with it.

GekiFire came on top of the cake with Strawberries and decorations. The Super Gekiranger and Gekibeasts were on the label around the cake. The box had the actors on it as well.

The cake had A piece of DaiVoyager with Bouken Red with fruits (oranges, apples, kiwis, etc.) on the cake. The Boukenger were ont he label, Red and Silver in front and the others at back.

It has MagiLeghend, strawberries and Legend MagiRed. MagiLend had translucent wings. The Six Magiranger were on the label, MagiShine and MagiRed in front.

Only picture I could find, the cake had the top of DekarangerRobo, DekaRed, strawberries and decorations. The label, I assume had the five Dekaranger, I am not sure about DekaBreak or DekaMaster. Evident from the box, it was only the five Rangers.

Only picture I could find, it had Abared and Abarenoh on the cake with the three Abaranger on the label.

That is as far as I could go in finding pictures, couldn't find any older ones.

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