Saturday, March 31, 2012

Alex Heartman addresses shirtlessness and KCA Tonight

Nickelodeon Kid's Choice awards (KCA) is live tonight and Alex Heartman is nominated for Best Actor, which he will most likely win. In this interview with, he addresses the top Google search for him is him shirtless. I have noticed Najee, Hector and Steven all have shirtless pics online, except for Alex.
"I'm fully aware that my top [search] on Google is "Alex Heartman Shirtless" – you've gotta know that people are looking for that. I'm not self-conscious about my body [and] had so much fun with the photographer. I'm excited to show the world me!"

 In another interview on a local news show, he explained that his older sisters got him into modeling. He moved to L.A. and studied Brazilian Jitizu and other martial arts.

Nice arms, Alex. Good Luck!

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