Saturday, March 31, 2012

Power Rangers Samurai - He's not heavy metal, he's my brother"

 Mike hears music and it is a boy playing a guitar outside of the Shiba House. Jii, Jayden, Mike and Emily meet Terry, Mia's brother. Kevin and Mia are out getting food. Terry is volunteering at the children's hospital, his parents want him to be a doctor, he was hoping for her to sing. Kevin, Mike, Jayden, Emily and Antonio fight Moogers at a school, Mia comes late and doesn't fight. Emily tells her about Terry. Mia and Terry reunite.

 He wants her to sing in a concert, she says no. She pulls him out, telling him to become a med student, he says she is being like their parents. Terry leaves in a huff. Antonio and Terry become friends and 'jam' together. Bulk and Spike decide to also be in the concert. Bulk and Spike get some bikers to be their security guards. Mia is thinking to herself on a bench, she thinks back to her singing with him back when they were little.

Terry hands a flier to Emily Spike spots Mia as a 'pretty girl' and Bulk encourages him to invite her---he hands her the flier.  She goes to a Nighlok attack, Spike was nervous. Serrator attacks the other five at a warehouse. They fight Moogers. Mia arrives and fights Serrator. She is given the Black Box and goes to Super Samurai mode and does a super airway attack on him.The rangers applaud, Serrator calls for a Papyrox and a bunch of a Moogers that are giant. Mia forms the Samurai Megazord, Jayden pilots the Bullzord and Antonio uses the Clawzord.

Mia goes to Super Mega Mode. The Megazord goes on top of the Bull Zord and destroy Moogers. Jayden makes the Bull Megazord and they destroy the villains. Back at the Shiba House, kevin and Mike are dancing. Emily asks Mia if she is going to concert, she says she is going to turn in. They leave. 

She sees that it is Terry's and is about the Children's Hospital charity and she changes her tune (pun intended). Spike and Bulk rap at the charity event and the bikers are present. Spike is surprised the announce likes them. The bikers kick them out, as they were paid to kick them out. Terry asks for Mia, Anthony says he doesn't see his friends but sure they will come. They perform. The rangers arrive and Mike does some embarrassing cheesey dancing. Then Mia arrives and sings with her brother.


Terry does have a slight accent but it can be mistaken for an Asian accent as it probably is a mix of Asian with Australian/Kiwi. When I heard about the title, I imagined a wild and crazy brother, big hair, earrings, tattoos and him being more flashy than Antonio. But they went for a more subtle approach which I appreciate. Steven Skyler can sing, he said on Facebook that his album would come out soon but I think that is still wait and see. He was on Glee in one episode in season two before Samurai and a couple episodes this season as part of the Warblers. The crew appropriately use Steven Skyler and Hector David Jr.'s skills in this episode.

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Jonathan said...

It was pretty cool. They did a good job changing it from Mako's dad to Mia's brother. Likable episode; much more to me than "seeing HD Shinkenger". :)

I know Spike was supposed to be named Skinny Mack...that name would've worked in this episode. Loved his and Bulk's subplot, especially since they got to interact with one of the Samurai rangers. Definitely a high point of both Samurai and Super Samurai.